Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014
Elder Toborg.... 

Well first of all I pray that everything is going great over there and that your area, companionship, investigators your testimony and everything is growing and getting stronger in the Gospel. Se lo didicil que es este tiempo para usted, pero no tengo duda que usted ha dado su mayor esfuerzo en este tiempo de servicio único al Señor.  Tal ves hay algo que no le he dicho, pero estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad de haber servido junto a usted y por lo mucho que me ayudo a crecer y aprender lo que el Señor quería para mí. 
You know, this week I have learned a lot, not only from the Book of Mormon but as well, from the things the Lord puts on my way, as simple as a Prayer or as hard as Studying Isaiah it is incredible how much love our Father has for each one of us, and how much He knows us and our needs, but the only thing He is waiting for us to do is to talk to Him and draw closer by doing the things that  can help us and give us the answers we need for our learning and growing in this mortal life. 

Una de las cosas por las cuales oro todos los días es por la compañía constante del Espíritu y la fuerza para continuar en el día, que Él me permita poder ayudar a alguien a venir a Cristo y con ello olvidarme de mis problemas y desafíos. Hice un ayuno este wknd y la respuesta vino a mi in such a way I didn't expected, I believe it was one of those days that during your prayer you leave everything with Him and let go those burdens that can make the path heavier than what it is.. after talking to Him for who knows how much time, Russ, I felt so much peace and happiness and knew it was not the right time yet, but that everything would be alright. 

I know He lives and that He knows me by name as much as He knows each one of His Children, I know with all my heart that He can be our best friend if we let Him be, He is always there for us, extending HIs arms of mercy, just waiting that we come to Him and take His hand in order to feel the power of His infinite love for us, and the enabling power of HIs atonement.  I am so grateful because of that and because it is only through Him that we can enjoy this life and learn how to become like Him and our Father. 

Brother, I wish you the best success this week and for this the last part of your mission... don't look back just keep going and give everything to Him.  May the Spirt always light your way and help you discern those who Him has prepared at this time and that are ready  to receive and accept the message. 

Love, and warm regards..

    Rodolfo Gomez

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