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April 7, 2014 

Conference Weekend
Friends and Family!

This wonderful weekend, we had the opportunity to listen to the Prophet and 12 Apostles. What an inspiring conference, we were blasted away at the start by Elder Holland’s strong admonishing to be firm in our Faith, and the calm, sweet words of President Monson as he encourages us to have courage, and love one another as God has commanded us. 

I had th
Joseph Smith Memorial building
e opportunity to attend the Sunday morning General session of Conference. I was chosen to be the group leader to take around 15 missionaries down town. I was assigned by the Assistants to the President to meet at the UTA Trax station at 6:30 in the morning. Receiving no other instruction, the group and I met bright and early in the morning. Upon arriving, we found that the Trax did not even start running for more than an hour. I was utterly confused, until a giant van, followed by the Assistants’ truck pulled up. "We're taking the van," AP Tafengatoto said in his strong Tongan accent. So, we took the van downtown! We arrived around 7am; with 2 hours to spare, we waited for a while outside in the 30 degree weather. At 8am, the Joseph Smith Memorial building opened, and we were able to take some pictures, including of the temple from the 10th floor of the building. My friend, Elder Villarreal, made a great pose with the temple in the background. 
Conference was excellent. I'm pretty sure I saw someone from my Freshman year at BYU, but I’m not sure... I've forgotten names and faces being away for so long!

I invite you all to review conference on Print it out now, and begin making notes of things that you can apply in your lives. The general authorities are not softening their blows now. They are preparing us for things to come, and strongly inviting us to be agents that ACT and not agents that are acted upon, as Elder Bednar stated. 

This week as well brought the exciting event of the live endowment session of a recent convert from Kearns a year ago (picture included). Maria Fernanda Cruz-Carvajal, went with her husband, sister and brother in-law, to receive their endowments in the Jordan River Temple. I felt a spirit of joy stronger than I did when I went in for myself! The covenants we make in the temple have a renewed meaning when I see someone making them for the first time! The couples will be sealed for all time and eternity in the Salt Lake City temple this Saturday the 12th, thus taking the sting death would have had, had they only been married "until death do [they] part." 
I'm quite anxious for upcoming events, seeing as my mission will be coming to a close at the beginning of June. My plans as of now are to return home for two weeks, and then begin studies at BYU Provo on June 23rd. 

10th Flr Joseph Smith Memorial Blg
I know for myself that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God. The evidence of this is the Book of Mormon, an ancient "text teeming with literary and Semitic complexity" that has a "powerful witness of Jesus Christ" and has caused a "profound spiritual impact...on what is now tens of millions of readers" (Holland). That book is an anchor for my moral and spiritual beliefs, and I will hold fast, continually making connections with it and the Bible, for the both testify of Christ, and go hand in hand. I know God speaks today, for he has the power, he loves us, and we need Him. 

-Elder Toborg    (Elder Jeffery R. Holland, October 2009 Conference

Music & the Spoken Word
Elders Belliston and Carlyle

Elders Villarreal and Moreira

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