Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9, 2014
Familia Navarrete!

This week was incredible! Four of the Navarrete family were baptized on the 9th. Most of our branch turned out for the baptism, and it was a wonderfully spiritual experience. The Dad was touched, and we're hoping to set a day for his baptism sometime soon! Elder Smith, one of my previous companions, did the interview for the family. They are such sincere people, the Gospel will be a wonderful increase in their life as they experience the joy that comes from forgiveness for sin, a forgiveness and lifting of burdens that only Jesus Christ can extend to us. 

Preceding this event, our Branch had their semiannual Branch conference. We had a new investigator family come, the Carvajals, who are a young couple that we came in contact with on Wednesday. They are both from Guerrero, Mexico, and accepted a baptismal date for the 30th of March. At church, they looked quite confused, but they demonstrated their faith by coming to church! We'll have to get our good friend Elder Guapo from the marriage license department over, as they're not married C: 

Our Stake President, President Philipoom from New Zealand, spoke and said some quite profound things that I enjoyed. He explained that the work of Salvation involves miracles. God is in charge of miracles, and so if we want miracles in our lives, God needs to be a part of our life. This means constant prayer, scripture study and church worship. There is so much that God can influence in our life, if we will just come close to him! President Philipoom then challenges everyone to pray for 3 people who they know will never join the church, and seek for an opportunity to share the gospel with them! We're excited to get the work moving in the area. 

Other events this week made it go by fast. On Thursday, we got a call from AP Elder Julian who asked us to start an exchange with one of the Elders in our district. Turns out he had lost control of his Bipolar condition, and his companion was in danger. We took him with us for 48 hours, and the Zone Leaders took his companion. He learned while he was with us that he would be returning home. He had been serving for 18 months, so he had a good mission experience. We took him to the mission office at 2am on Saturday morning and President Chambers took him to the airport. That makes 2 elders returning home this transfer for medical reasons. I'm seeing the stresses that the mission life puts on elders, and I'm grateful for the health I have and the ability to serve the Lord.

I love you all, thank you for your support! 

-Elder Toborg

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