Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014
Wealth of Knowledge
Friends and Family!
Elder Tamacas y Toborg

What a privilege to address you again, I’m so grateful for the prayers and support you have showered me with while I’ve been away serving the Lord. This week seemed to bring with it a wealth of knowledge! 

The week itself was snowy and cold, I’ve included a picture of how Elder Tamacas and I felt while it was snowing in spring.
My Riverton District 3 - Oquirrh Mtn Temple

The first event was our attendance to the temple last Tuesday. I was able to see a new representation of Adam and Eve that I had not seen before. What a blessing technology is! I look forward to the day when everyone can partake of the blessings and make the covenants found in the temple.

Surprise snowstorm 
The second event was our first Mission Conference where we gathered all the missionaries together to hear from a special speaker. The speaker was President Chambers' cousin, brother Burton. Bro. Burton shared with us his unique and exciting experience of climbing Mt. Everest, an event which has always peaked my interest ever since my father instilled a love for climbing mountains. He took us through his 40 days journey up Mount Everest. He climbed the mountain in 2012, the second most deadly year in Everest history, with 6 deaths that year on the mountain. After immense training and struggle (preparing for the mountain by climbing almost every other of the tallest mountains in the world), he did make it to the summit. This year was difficult due to the 2-3 day window the climbers had for the entire year for the weather to be right to make the assent. During this 2-3 day window, over 200 climbers were backed up in a line. Bro. Burton expressed his disappointment, saying that he liked climbing so he could avoid large lines! He stood on the summit for 12 minutes, and says it was worth everything. He recounted the experience on his decent when his climbing partner fell and was in critical condition. He invoked the power of the Priesthood that he had and gave him a blessing. In the end, his friend was able to be rescued by a Helicopter which at the time was the highest altitude rescue ever attempted in history. 

From this story about climbing Mt. Everest, many applications to our lives and missionary work were made. These are the points that our mission president brought forth: 
  • Getting to the summit, mandatory; getting down, optional.            
  • Live in the moment, trust in the best.
  • The Lord answers prayers in the way best for us.
  • Instead of fear, look for the beauty.
  • In dangerous areas, go fast.
  • Stand on the summit for 12 minutes.  It is not about the destination.  It is about who you become to get there.
  • Hard experiences bring beautiful scenes.
  • Climb mountains, or wait in lines. You choose.
  • What you can do if you put your mind to it, trust in the Lord, and take the steps is amazing.
  • Everything we have is to give us more time to do those things we consider most important; whats on your fridge reminding you of what is important?
Each of these points touched on some part of Bro. Burton's climbing experience. President Chambers then invited us to be "Missionaries to Match our Mountains" referring to the firm, immovable mountains found here in Utah. We must be firm in the Gospel of Christ, never wavering, for we ought to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). 

The third event was during Sacrament Meeting, where the former stake president shared some words of wisdom throughout the meetings. He told us of his experience interviewing returned missionaries who looked him in the eye and said, "I witness this is true," and then 3 years later weren't members of the Church or were inactive. He said you're not a witness in the comfortable times; "When life is pooping on you, that's when you say you're a witness." What a terse but accurate statement! When life is the hardest, that's when you say you know God lives and that this work is true (again, we must be firm and unmovable!) In another class, he taught about how all 7 of his children were sealed in the temple with their wife or husband, and he told of the struggle they had getting their 7 children up every day at 5:30 am to read the scriptures together. His statement hit me hard "We may not be great parents, but I hope we are obedient parents." Obedience is more important than the blessing!
Don't Worry; be happy

I love this work, I’m glad I’m here. I love you all! 

-Elder Toborg
Elder Na, Elder Toborg, Elder Tamacas, after the temple
 Elder Tamacas y Toborg

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