Monday, February 17, 2014

Zulma and me in white, with her mom,
 Elder Clark and Elder Moreira
February 17, 2014
Hello Friends and Family!
I'm short on time to write this week due to some extenuating circumstances, but I’ve included the pictures I promised from Zulma's baptism this past week.
The family with all of the daughters in the picture is the Joya family,
the family who Zulma was living with
Overall, this week has been up and down. We're having great success with the Navarrete family of 5. Everyone except the Dad came to church this week. We're adding 1 family member to church each time we go, so according to this pattern, Dad will come next week! They all accepted a baptismal date of the 9th of March. Sounds like it will be a similar experience to the Spanish family being baptized in our ward in Washington!
The Tovar family who we worked with a lot
We did end up moving out of the mansion, we live in Brother Evan's basement, a wonderful single man in the Riverton North stake. I love our new place better, it feels much more like a home, were as the last place we were in felt like a spacious hotel that wasn't meant for long term staying.

A picture is worth a thousand words! I'm doing well, I love this work, and I'm still going strong!

-Elder Toborg

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