Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014
Friends and Family,
District Leader Council w/ E. Bridg

This week has brought some interesting twists, the major one being the unexpected change of companions. My companion Elder Henderson had to return home again to overcome some medical challenges he had when he was serving in Mexico. I'm glad he will have a better environment to heal, the mission field is a hard place. My new companion is Elder Tamacas from El Salvador. (His family is in Gilbert, California). He's an excellent Elder! He's been out in the field 5 months, with the teaching skills of someone who has been out for 18 months! He's a great elder, humble, patient, even though he was taken out of Kearns to come here where there aren't such a concentration of Hispanics. 

We're continuing to teach the Navarrete family. All 4 of the girls came to church again, including Mom, but Dad once again didn't come. We did have a success, however, in getting him to come to the "New Beginnings" for the Young Women which the 13 year old daughter, Veronica, was a part of. It's a small step to get him into the church building! He told us during a lesson that he was proud of his 17 years for not stepping into a church after he had a bad run in with a priest from a Christian church. He said the only exception was once, when he went to his LDS friend's funeral. He said he did it out of respect. Our wonderful fellowshipper, bro. Espitia, turned that instance into a perfect reason why he should come now: 
Yep. Ostriches.
"Jesus Christ is his friend. He died for him. We go to church to show respect for him. Will you come to church to show respect for your friend Jesus Christ?" He didn't quite accept the invitation to church, but he did like the analogy. 

E. Tamacas and I are enjoying the random horses and fields everywhere in this area. People with money all have horses or... Ostriches! 

Also, I got a picture of the Elders from the former Kearns West zone before transfers a week ago, E. Villarreal is the one at the bottom; he's one of my good friends.

I'll have some pictures soon of E. Henderson and I; we used mostly his camera to take pictures. 

We've been having a good time contacting Spanish families; I'm always surprised to find where they live. We found a member who lives in a barn behind an active member's home! Another investigator that we found this week, Jose Mendez, lived in the basement of a Spanish family. We had knocked the door many times, and when the family upstairs answered, I had the impression to ask if anyone lived in the basement, a question that I don't normally ask, but I will from now on. They said yes, we knocked that door, Jose let us in, and in 5 minutes we invited him to be baptized. He said he already was in the Catholic Church, and we didn't have time to address the concern in the moment, but we'll go back and help him recognize the spirit he felt that day. 

There are people all around us who need the Gospel! Be sure to share it with everyone around you! It's not as hard as you think. C; Don't believe me? Try it!

Love you all!

-Elder Toborg
Kearns West Zone January 2014

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