Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014
Friends and Family!

Thank you all once again for the birthday wishes and support. It's great to hear from you all C: I was indifferent to turning 20, but now that I’m 21, it seems surreal. Lots of life's decisions are coming up...

I'm pleased to hear that the SeaHawks are going to the Super Bowl! I'll have to watch that game when I get back!

Our current progressing investigator, Zulma, went down to Temple Square with us, and enjoyed seeing the temple. She's felt the spirit and a lot, and has stated that she feels better in this Church than in any other church she's been to. We found out her Mother has been dropping comments here and there to persuade her to not join the Church: however Zulma has a strong desire to follow God and receive a remission for her sins. We're going to teach her next to the baptismal font today, and bring Salvador, a recent convert who was baptized in 15 days who is her age more or less. We're still going for a baptismal service this upcoming Sunday, unless the Spirit directs otherwise. 

Some of my biggest challenges have been trying to find more investigators in the small, less than a square mile area, that I’ve been in for 7 months. The Lord is stretching our abilities to find new investigators through many different means. It strengthens my faith incredibly when we do find someone who is ready to hear the gospel. This past week we received a referral via text for a man who lived in a house I was familiar with. He was living in the basement, and it would have been hard to find him due to his work schedule if it weren't for other members in other parts sending in referrals for their friends. He's very excited to go to church, and we'll see how it turns out!

I went on an exchange this week in the Oquirrh Point stake with Elder Bandtlow (from South Carolina). We had a faith building experience when we ran into an ex-missionary atheist who tried every means possible to derail our faith. The Spirit prompted me to stand up and look him in the eyes and call him to repentance, to which he said no, and so we left his home. After that experience, the Spirit was very strong, and Elder Bandtlow and I found a family of 3 a couple hours later at the end of the night. Miracles! 

Elder Trenton Parks, one of our district leaders, is going home in 10 days. He's sure excited! (He’s in the picture on the left, on the right is Elder Bartholomew in our zone). 
E. Parks and E. Toborg were Sunbeams together in Austin 4th Ward, Austin Stake, TX

Lately I’ve been reading the 1996 General Conference. I'm surprised by the subject matter of almost 20 years ago, and how it's the same as today! Elder Nelson taught the principle of "which way do you face" indicating that we must represent the Lord in everything we do, and not face against him in rebellion. The Prophets and Apostles continue to receive the same messages, and I assume the Lord will continue sending them until we learn to listen and change!

I love this work, I love the Lord, and I'm developing a real desire to "love one another." (John 13:34)

-Elder Toborg

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