Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014
Happy New Year’s again Friends and Family!
What a wonderful fresh start we have! I've included pictures of a chess set we used on new year’s night, when we were told to go home at 8pm. I ended up the victor of our almost 3 hour chess game. The chess set is made of plated gold, and was obtained by our Landlord Brother Hoffman at DI for 10$! He was able to obtain it at the start of his voluntary shift helping out the people at Deseret Industries, and was blessed with that find! Service brings blessings..!

We've been spending this whole week looking for investigators. We have various people to teach, however none of them are willing to progress or set aside time to keep the commandments. 

Eric Rojo is a married man (rare event that they're legally married!) who has felt the spirit, has a wonderful friend in his life to show the example, but will not commit unless his wife will come too. He's not willing to be the example by coming to Jesus's church for the first time, we can only hope he softens his heart. He's so ready for baptism!

Antonio Luna is another man we're teaching who I may have mentioned earlier, lives in the basement of a member's home. He got a job recently, and it's been hard to meet with him. He says he'll get baptized when he gets his answer, however he forgets to read and pray, so it's hard to get an answer without doing your part!

Cuauhtemoc is a single man we found in a house, who understood the restoration very well when we taught him, comparing the Church that Jesus formed with a mirror, that fell and shattered when he was killed and his Apostles were killed also, and people tried to take those pieces and make their own "mirrors" or churches, but none had the complete truth. The "mirror" or church was restored by Christ in the year 1820 by means of a Prophet, Joseph Smith. Cuauhtemoc is hard to meet with, Sunday being his only day off, and so he hasn't been progressing
Making arepas with the Rojas family

Finally, there's Luis Medina, a wonderful man who has gone through a lot. He was not home on Sunday and so he didn't come to church. He's felt the spirit with us, and is honestly seeking for the truth. He enjoyed his experience at church when he went in Wyoming when he was there for work. 

The Lord has been giving Elder Clark and me many challenges in the missionary work lately. The hard times will pass and we will become stronger. Invite your friends and family to come to know Christ by keeping his commandments so they may obtain eternal life too! (John 17:3, Matthew 7:21). 

Love you All!
-Elder Toborg

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