Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, 2013
Happy New Year
Friends and Family,

Christmas came and went with the wonderful baptismal service of Eric Martinez. President Chambers and the APs came to the baptism, and it was full of the spirit. I'll include some pictures later on.

Each of us are blessed with Extraordinary Gifts. Perhaps society will not notice these abilities, but God does, because he helped you develop them before this life. We grew up with Him and came to know him very well. We grew, and learned with His divine help, until it was time for us to take the trip down to Earth to apply what we had learned in an environment without His help. He asks us to serve others, using the gifts we have been given, and bring them happiness.

To tap into these divine attributes that we inherited from our heavenly Father, we must follow His guide lines or commandments. He has drawn the map for us and simply asks us to follow it. It is full of turns and twists, and at times we may not understand where we are lead to, but He does, and so as we follow His principles, we will obtain heavenly treasures "where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt" (Matthew 6:20).  We must unleash our potential by putting for our own efforts.

Once again, I’ll preach about Goal setting, as the new year is upon us. We must set a vision of what we want to accomplish, then a smaller term goal that allows progress toward that vision, and then make a plan of how we will achieve that goal.

A man named Roger Bannister truly did just that. He had a vision to head to the Olympics and win a gold medal in the mile run. He went with hopes, and ended up getting 4th, coming home humiliated, and depressed. He said he would not run anymore, with his eyes set on graduating from medical school, which required much study. His coach asked him to reconsider, saying that he would be the one who could break the 4 minute mark in the mile, which at this time had not been done. Roger Bannister decided to develop a will of iron. He knew he would need to study 6-8 hours each day for medical school, train for 4 hours a day, sleep from 9-10 hours each day to be in top shape and eat the healthiest foods. He did just that, and when the day came, he ran a record 3:59.4 minute mile, making him a worldwide star.
This man had a vision, set some goals, and made plans and rigorously stuck to his plans, and achieved greatness. The same is possible for us, as we commit to rigorously stick to the commandments we have been given, so that we too may achieve greatness.
May you all have a wonderful new year, and set goals appropriate to who you all are, children of God.

with love,
-Elder Toborg

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  1. Happy New Year, Elder Toborg. 2014 will go really fast for you. Keep up the good work Elder Toborg.