Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013
One Year in Kearns
Friends and Family,

On 12/12/12 I came into the city of Kearns as a timid, unlearned missionary. As 12/12/13 passed, marking a year in this wonderful city, though still unlearned, I have learned some things. Day by day I work on being a bold declarer of the word of God, not fearing man but serving God only, for he is whom we ought to serve (Acts 5:29). 

I spent a couple days in celebration, you could say. For lunch on the 12th I went to Tipo Tacos, the famous taco stand, as well as my favorite panadería (bakery) the Panadería de Mexico 

The next day was E. Villarreal's birthday, so we headed down to Rancho Market (Mexican Grocery store) for some Molcajete. Molcajete, as the picture shows, is a boiling cauldron of cheese, napal (cactus), chicken, beef, onions and shrimp. It's delicious, and fed the 6 of us well. I included some other pictures as well of Rancho Market, which we hear from some members, that there is a Rancho Market in Provo now. I'll get to enjoy this food at college too after the mission! Wohoo! 

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions in the missionary work. We've had some wonderful miracles, included the decision by Eric Martinez, grandson of Concepción who was baptized in November, decide he wants to be baptized on Christmas day. So we'll have a wonderful baptismal service on the day we celebrate Christ's birth. Also, this Saturday we'll have the baptism of Brandon Hernandez, son of Patricia, who is excited for his baptism on the 21st. We're also teaching a man named Antonio who moved in with a member family. We invited him to be baptized on Christmas day as well, and he's going to pray about it. 

This Wednesday are transfers, and I’ve been here for 6 months. I'm praying that I stay here! However, I will always follow my leaders, and face the same way as the Savior, and I will go where He wants me to go. 

Oh yes, also, we had a flat tire this week and our investigator Esteban (in the picture) helped us put our dinky spare on. I fit in now with everyone else in Kearns who has been driving on their spare tires forever C: 

Love you all! 
-Elder Toborg

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