Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013
I’m still in Kearns!

Well, Family and Friends,

Transfers came and went. Transfers are times when missionaries get mixed up, whether it be in a new area or stay in the area with a different companion. I got to stay! I'm still in the Kearns West Stake, meaning that this December I will hit a year in the city of Kearns. It's been a blessed time! 

My companion, Elder Julian, didn't have such luck. He was called early in the morning of transfers to be the new Assistant to the President, replacing Elder Talentino who had been one of the two assistants for 6 months. Elder Talentino was also my companion when he received the call, so I’m seeing a pattern here; fair warning to my new companion, Elder Sean Clark from Ohio. He's been out 15 months and the members of our ward say his Spanish sounds as though he learned it from Spain. 

Other changes include an elder from Spain, Elder Moreira, who is now one of our district leaders. He was in my district 3 months ago with Elder Smith in the Western Hills 8th area, and was sent to the English assignment to learn English. Now he's back in his old area as a district leader, and it's been a blast working with him!

As far as our area is concerned, it's been booming! The members have really picked it up in our branch. Sister Tovar, from Mexico, invited a certain family for 2 months to come to church. This week, she saw the fruits of her labors! The Reyes family came, all 6 of them, and they were very pleased with what they felt and experienced at church. We're going to start teaching them this week! 

Also, we took our investigator Concepción down town to Temple Square. She is a 70 year old Catholic grandmother who thought she would never change. One day, she told us, she woke up and realized, "You know… babies really don't have a sin when they're born! My church has been teaching me wrong! I need to get baptized!" She'll be baptized next weekend! 

We're working with another man named Sergio, from Cuba. He's had a very rough life, but he is ready for the gospel. He came to church, and as soon as he entered the doors, he knelt down and drew a cross in the air with his hand and stood back up, which was pretty humorous in the moment! He's a very colorful guy, and I’m excited to see the change the gospel brings in his life. He also has 3 boys ages 19, 16, and 12, and they're very interested in the gospel. His wife might be a concern, but we hope to teach her too!

On Thursday, Elder Clark and I had the opportunity to teach English for the first time. It's very difficult to explain why things are the way they are in English…. Those who showed up consisted of various ward members, a non-member Esteban who is married to the branch president's sister, and a less-active, Eduardo, who we invited earlier that week. In all there were about 23 people. We had them take a test, which took them 2 hours to complete as a team. Next week we'll have some more structure to the program, bringing in the senior couple missionaries who teach English on a 1 on 1 basis known as the "daily dose" program. We'll see how it goes!

The work is moving forward, and I love it! Kearns is as dirty as ever, and I hope to stay here another 7 months!

Love you all!

-Elder Toborg

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