Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 24, 2013
Text from Liz Bringhurst* in Draper:
“Scott and Rebecca, I just wanted you to know that I ran into the cutest missionary tonite!! Made me homesick for my good friends Pat and Tom. I  am serving in YWs and we were hosting a Halloween party for the ward. Not my typical clothing or face makeup. (Took the fake nose off for the pic), when in came your son. He was on splits with a missionary from Draper. So VERY small chance we would meet. What a special treat for me!! Sending my love, Liz Bringhurst”
Elder Daniel's reply: The first thing Liz Bringhurst said to me was, "Oh that's a good last name, do you know Scott Toborg?" Why yes Liz, I do! It was a strange circumstance because I was on an exchange with the Assistants in their area in Draper, and we showed up to a Halloween party to ask for referrals, and she was the very first person I talked to!
* (Mom's message to Elder Daniel): Ben & Liz Bringhurst's family were wonderful neighbors to Gma Pat & Gpa Tom in Spanish Fork before you were born. That Toborg name is very distinct and makes you easily recognizable. I hope you love it all your life (even if no one can say it in Spanish).

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