Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

I was not able to send an email yesterday, due to the fact that we are to have P-day on the days we go to the temple, and today is our Temple day! 
We had two big events this week. The first being a cultural festival we had in our Branch that attracted over 570 people, many being non-members. There were various dances and tables with many Spanish speaking countries displaying their countries cultures. 

Second, we had the baptism of Ivette. Her father is still not a member, and told us last night that he doesn't want to be baptized. I hope the Lord humbles him soon. Ivette's mom had a huge party after the baptism with posole (a type of soup) and pastel (cake). 
Pictures count for a thousand words, so I’ve included a couple.

E. Julian and I are trying to rebuild the split Kearns Zone still, and we're seeing a steady increase each month. I'm so pleased to be here in Utah, learning leadership and gospel principles that I could never have learned anywhere else. 
Love you all! 
-Elder Toborg

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