Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21, 2013
Tongues of angels

God would have us speak with the Tongue of Angels. As Elder Holland put it in his general conference address in April of 2007, we can do much to uplift and encourage others with our words. As said in James 3:2, we can become perfect if we learn how to maintain our speech in line with God's will. Our words control our entire body, and allow us to overcome or yield to temptation. James 3:3-10 speaks of various comparisons such as a large boat being controlled by a small helm, a horse which can be lead about by a small bridle, and the more destructive power that a small fire can do in decimating an entire forest. Controlling our words begins with controlling our thoughts. We cannot simply hope to expel dark thoughts and hope for the best, we must replace that empty space with wholesome, uplifting thoughts, or else risk the return of the darkness into our minds. 

I received a personal witness of this principle today as I sought revelation. As my companion and I went to do a study with another companionship many banters were thrown around by 19-21 year old boys, and I chose not to participate. I could feel the spirit maintaining its presence, and I was then able to receive pure revelation on what a certain investigator needed to be baptized. We must be absolute in our decision to not offend the Spirit, for it will not dwell in unholy temples. 

Jordan River Temple
This past week, as I mentioned earlier, I had the supreme opportunity to view the new video in the Temple. I now know why technology was allowed to be brought forth by the Lord. I know many people will understand the Fall of Adam and Eve better by this new video. I identified some of the truths I knew about the Fall that were represented. I look forward to Halloween, when our entire mission will go to the temple to do an endowment session. (They keep us locked up on Halloween due to the fact that many youth enjoy dressing up as Elders and Sisters and going about wreaking havoc.) 

This week brings new challenges and new opportunities to reach our goals! Set a righteous goal, make a plan, and make up your mind to follow through and become the person you want to become. We truly can become MORE if we do MORE. I view goal setting as working smart. 

In our area, here in the Kearns West stake, we are going to begin teaching various people who have been coming to church and for whatever reasons did not want to meet with us before, but now something as changed. We helped the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency re-do his roof by placing new shingles on. It took about 4 hours of consistent work, and we finished. We now have a strong relationship with this man, Hermano Acosta from Uruguay, and he gave us a wonderful referral a couple days later. Interesting how the spirit of service touches people at different times. I'm now also proud to say I know how to re-shingle a roof! 

Well, life continues onward, I wish you all the best of luck on your tests, your school work, your jobs, careers, and whatever goals you have in mind right now!

With Love,

-Elder Toborg-

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