Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013


Friends and Family,

This week, I truly have felt the dews of Heaven rest upon my life. Conference was yet another witness of the truthfulness of this work, as I felt the Spirit confirm that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Various talks struck right at home, especially the address given by Elder Holland, who uplifted those who feel depression in their lives. We viewed conference with Salvador, and the rest of his family. Salvador's mother, Guadalupe, brother, Delfino, and sister, Crystal, are all interested in the Gospel. They did not accept a baptismal date; however this is no concern, for I know they will get baptized. 

This weekend was also coupled with the joining of a couple; Elias and Carmen Rascón were married
 and baptized in between and after conference sessions! The wedding took place between the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions, and due to me being down town at the time, I missed the actually ceremony. (I was able to slip in for the food at the end though!) Elias refers to himself as "the Man" so you'll notice his lack of smile is due to his manliness. He really is the man; he does a lot of hard work and is exploding with confidence. He's excited for his sealing next year in the temple.
While waiting outside to get into the Saturday Session of conference, I saw Shaylin from freshmen year at BYU, what a great opportunity! Though I must admit, I’m not ready to see anyone I know for another 8 months, and the interaction caught me off guard!

Conference emphasized multiple times the decree that we must hold fast to God's laws, even if Man's laws allow sin. This brought up memories of the changes I hear happened back home in Washington regarding legalization of certain unholy and impure practices. Stay close to the scriptures, and to what God wants. We are free to have our own opinions and laws, just remember where our power leads us: Six feet under to mold. God's laws and God's power lead to resurrection and glory, so I think I will follow Him. In order to follow God, we must study how he operates. How he speaks. How he commands. Then we can listen to His voice, for we shall recognize it. We cannot do this until we are free from sin. The Holy Ghost will not be with us fully until we are free from sin. We must repent, or there can be no spiritual progression to the degree God intends. If any of you have unfinished business that needs to be taken care of with the Lord and with His leaders, take care of it. Elder Holland's statement in the Ensign of September 2013 is profound. "I believe with all my heart that it is easier and surely more satisfying to begin anew than to go on and try to believe that justice will not take its toll." God will judge us for our works, and as we see the increase in missionary work, we know that the time is near for Christ to come and cleans the Earth. I know repentance; I know the Lord gives us JOY when we repent. Nothing but joy awaits! Repentance is beautiful. Baptism that follows is better C:
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Toborg

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