Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

This past week, I have been studying and reflecting about goal setting. There are three basic parts we use in the mission to accomplish certain things. We call this Vision, Goal, Plan. First, we set a vision of what we want to accomplish. This is a broad, overall statement of success, such as "Make it to Heaven." In an everyday sense, an example is "Graduate from BYU." The Goal is a specific, measurable statement that you can achieve with effort, and can be one of many goals set to accomplish your vision, such as "Complete 4 semesters", "Achieve an "A" in 3 classes each semester", etc... The plan is a very specific, detailed course that you will take to achieve the goal: "Study for 2 hours each day, in each class." 

The Scriptures give us wonderful examples of setting a vision, goal and plan. In Alma 48, we see first an example of evil, Amalickiah, who sets a vision to rule over all the land, a goal of conquering all of the Nephites, and a plan of setting certain captains to attack weak points in the Nephites armies. Moroni, a couple verses later, explains his vision, which is to have his people follow God, and have faith in him. We might expound this vision to receiving salvation. His goal is to save the people's liberty, lives, wives and children, and his plan, in this circumstance of war, was to strengthen his weakest points and build up fortifications. We also see examples of Vision, Goal, Plan from Nephi in 1 Nephi chapters 3-4. 

From these three men, I was extracting some key points for achieving our visions and goals.

1. They were all ambitious. All three of these leaders did everything in their power to achieve their goal, and never expressed any doubt that they would not reach their vision or goals (see 1 Nephi 3-4 for many examples).

2. Specifics. They all had very specific plans that they could execute in the moment, there was no waiting around to do something later; they set a course of action, and acted.

3. Righteousness. Out of the three, the only two who reached their goals and became closer to reaching their visions were Nephi and Moroni, who established their goals with the firm mindset to build the kingdom of God, and not their own. Amalickiah directly planned to exalt himself above others. 

If we want success in this life, we must master setting vision, goals and plans, and then follow through with those plans. This is part of what makes God, God. He established a plan, and he is following through with it, and will continue until every jot and title has been fulfilled. 

Pres. & Sis. Metcalf - Kearns
Got to eat dinner with our stake president, he's an incredible man!

This week I went down on an exchange with the Assistants to the President to their area in Draper. The work there is based solely upon members. They cannot progress anywhere until members invite, due to the fact that no one would be out on the streets, where as Kearns has an abundance of people outside, ready to be talked to. MEMBERS ARE VITAL IN MISSIONARY WORK! 

This work is great! If you lack the spirit in your life, get out there on the front lines with the missionaries and share your testimony! That which one keeps, he loses, and that which one freely shares, he shall keep. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Oct 24, 2013
Text from Liz Bringhurst* in Draper:
“Scott and Rebecca, I just wanted you to know that I ran into the cutest missionary tonite!! Made me homesick for my good friends Pat and Tom. I  am serving in YWs and we were hosting a Halloween party for the ward. Not my typical clothing or face makeup. (Took the fake nose off for the pic), when in came your son. He was on splits with a missionary from Draper. So VERY small chance we would meet. What a special treat for me!! Sending my love, Liz Bringhurst”
Elder Daniel's reply: The first thing Liz Bringhurst said to me was, "Oh that's a good last name, do you know Scott Toborg?" Why yes Liz, I do! It was a strange circumstance because I was on an exchange with the Assistants in their area in Draper, and we showed up to a Halloween party to ask for referrals, and she was the very first person I talked to!
* (Mom's message to Elder Daniel): Ben & Liz Bringhurst's family were wonderful neighbors to Gma Pat & Gpa Tom in Spanish Fork before you were born. That Toborg name is very distinct and makes you easily recognizable. I hope you love it all your life (even if no one can say it in Spanish).

Monday, October 21, 2013

And here's a picture of Elder Daniel on his own bike.

Oct 21, 2013
Tongues of angels

God would have us speak with the Tongue of Angels. As Elder Holland put it in his general conference address in April of 2007, we can do much to uplift and encourage others with our words. As said in James 3:2, we can become perfect if we learn how to maintain our speech in line with God's will. Our words control our entire body, and allow us to overcome or yield to temptation. James 3:3-10 speaks of various comparisons such as a large boat being controlled by a small helm, a horse which can be lead about by a small bridle, and the more destructive power that a small fire can do in decimating an entire forest. Controlling our words begins with controlling our thoughts. We cannot simply hope to expel dark thoughts and hope for the best, we must replace that empty space with wholesome, uplifting thoughts, or else risk the return of the darkness into our minds. 

I received a personal witness of this principle today as I sought revelation. As my companion and I went to do a study with another companionship many banters were thrown around by 19-21 year old boys, and I chose not to participate. I could feel the spirit maintaining its presence, and I was then able to receive pure revelation on what a certain investigator needed to be baptized. We must be absolute in our decision to not offend the Spirit, for it will not dwell in unholy temples. 

Jordan River Temple
This past week, as I mentioned earlier, I had the supreme opportunity to view the new video in the Temple. I now know why technology was allowed to be brought forth by the Lord. I know many people will understand the Fall of Adam and Eve better by this new video. I identified some of the truths I knew about the Fall that were represented. I look forward to Halloween, when our entire mission will go to the temple to do an endowment session. (They keep us locked up on Halloween due to the fact that many youth enjoy dressing up as Elders and Sisters and going about wreaking havoc.) 

This week brings new challenges and new opportunities to reach our goals! Set a righteous goal, make a plan, and make up your mind to follow through and become the person you want to become. We truly can become MORE if we do MORE. I view goal setting as working smart. 

In our area, here in the Kearns West stake, we are going to begin teaching various people who have been coming to church and for whatever reasons did not want to meet with us before, but now something as changed. We helped the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency re-do his roof by placing new shingles on. It took about 4 hours of consistent work, and we finished. We now have a strong relationship with this man, Hermano Acosta from Uruguay, and he gave us a wonderful referral a couple days later. Interesting how the spirit of service touches people at different times. I'm now also proud to say I know how to re-shingle a roof! 

Well, life continues onward, I wish you all the best of luck on your tests, your school work, your jobs, careers, and whatever goals you have in mind right now!

With Love,

-Elder Toborg-

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

I was not able to send an email yesterday, due to the fact that we are to have P-day on the days we go to the temple, and today is our Temple day! 
We had two big events this week. The first being a cultural festival we had in our Branch that attracted over 570 people, many being non-members. There were various dances and tables with many Spanish speaking countries displaying their countries cultures. 

Second, we had the baptism of Ivette. Her father is still not a member, and told us last night that he doesn't want to be baptized. I hope the Lord humbles him soon. Ivette's mom had a huge party after the baptism with posole (a type of soup) and pastel (cake). 
Pictures count for a thousand words, so I’ve included a couple.

E. Julian and I are trying to rebuild the split Kearns Zone still, and we're seeing a steady increase each month. I'm so pleased to be here in Utah, learning leadership and gospel principles that I could never have learned anywhere else. 
Love you all! 
-Elder Toborg

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mom finally got a picture of Elder Daniel on his bike....

Oct 7, 2013


Friends and Family,

This week, I truly have felt the dews of Heaven rest upon my life. Conference was yet another witness of the truthfulness of this work, as I felt the Spirit confirm that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Various talks struck right at home, especially the address given by Elder Holland, who uplifted those who feel depression in their lives. We viewed conference with Salvador, and the rest of his family. Salvador's mother, Guadalupe, brother, Delfino, and sister, Crystal, are all interested in the Gospel. They did not accept a baptismal date; however this is no concern, for I know they will get baptized. 

This weekend was also coupled with the joining of a couple; Elias and Carmen Rascón were married
 and baptized in between and after conference sessions! The wedding took place between the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions, and due to me being down town at the time, I missed the actually ceremony. (I was able to slip in for the food at the end though!) Elias refers to himself as "the Man" so you'll notice his lack of smile is due to his manliness. He really is the man; he does a lot of hard work and is exploding with confidence. He's excited for his sealing next year in the temple.
While waiting outside to get into the Saturday Session of conference, I saw Shaylin from freshmen year at BYU, what a great opportunity! Though I must admit, I’m not ready to see anyone I know for another 8 months, and the interaction caught me off guard!

Conference emphasized multiple times the decree that we must hold fast to God's laws, even if Man's laws allow sin. This brought up memories of the changes I hear happened back home in Washington regarding legalization of certain unholy and impure practices. Stay close to the scriptures, and to what God wants. We are free to have our own opinions and laws, just remember where our power leads us: Six feet under to mold. God's laws and God's power lead to resurrection and glory, so I think I will follow Him. In order to follow God, we must study how he operates. How he speaks. How he commands. Then we can listen to His voice, for we shall recognize it. We cannot do this until we are free from sin. The Holy Ghost will not be with us fully until we are free from sin. We must repent, or there can be no spiritual progression to the degree God intends. If any of you have unfinished business that needs to be taken care of with the Lord and with His leaders, take care of it. Elder Holland's statement in the Ensign of September 2013 is profound. "I believe with all my heart that it is easier and surely more satisfying to begin anew than to go on and try to believe that justice will not take its toll." God will judge us for our works, and as we see the increase in missionary work, we know that the time is near for Christ to come and cleans the Earth. I know repentance; I know the Lord gives us JOY when we repent. Nothing but joy awaits! Repentance is beautiful. Baptism that follows is better C:
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Toborg