Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013



This week has been a roller coaster. I'm limited on time so I’ll practice my ability to be brief, clear and simply.

Salvador Oregon was baptized this weekend. He was a miracle. We found him by setting up an appointment with a random Hispanic man on the doorstep of his cousin's house. When we returned, that man was not there, but Salvador was taking the trash out, and as we are commanded to talk to everyone, we talked to him, he accepted baptism right there on a lesson on his door step, and he was baptized 2 weeks later. The only thing he told us would prevent him from baptism was "I don't think I’m ready to go on a mission yet!" He's already planning on going on a mission. What an incredible young man. We had amazing support from the Family. 

This week was transfers, I'm still with Elder Julian; however our visa waiter companion got moved down the street to another area of Kearns. The zone stayed relatively the same, except one of our new district leaders is Elder Parks from Texas. I served with him in Sandy a while ago, and now I get to work with him again! We also received a different third companion, Elder Kulu, from California. This man is incredible. He grew up in the Tongan Crypt Gang of Oakland California. He told all of his life growing up in a gang, and how he changed. The spirit can change anyone. Elder Kulu has finished his mission, and will be going home today. He was with us for a week, because he is going to live with my former president, Bruce Miller. He is doing this to avoid going back to his old life. After we finished our day, at 10pm we sat on the roof with Elder Kulu and he shared some experiences with us. I love this elder and I wish him the best. 

Elder Maughan's funeral seems so spectacular. I wish so badly that I was there, I pray that everyone can feel Peter's love, and the Savior's as they seek his council in the scriptures. 

Elias and Carmen Rascón will be married this Friday and baptized on Sunday. They pushed it back for silly worldly reasons, but they've made up their mind. I hope this is final! 

I will be at the Saturday Afternoon session of General Conference; I’m so excited to hear from the prophets and apostles!

Love you all!

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