Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

A valuable resource. We never have enough of it, and yet we can expect an unlimited amount of it after this life. Time is short here on Earth, there is not enough time to do everything the Lord requires of us. I hope we can all learn to use it wisely. If we put our mind to it, we really can accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. 

This week, time didn't exist, or at least that is what it felt like. Two exchanges, one with Elder Lopez from El Salvador, and the other with Elder Villarreal in his area in Oquirrh. The later was very successful, and included walking in the pouring rain for an hour. There are people everywhere who are ready to be baptizedddd!

Elder Julian, senior companion, knows how to set people on fire with excitement. There are a couple pictures of him; he's always ready to go go go go go! What a spectacular example he's been, of what hard work can do and how one must be excited about the work all the time. His testimony of the Book of Mormon almost compares to that of the Prophets and Apostles. The Book of Mormon is true; I know this for myself, and so does Elder Julian. 

This week was full of teaching, the Rascón family is getting ready for baptism on the 15th and they're looking great. Lots of fellowship. Poli, next weekend, water for him. The zone is going for a goal of 23, and we'll make it!

Time is short, and this work must go onward, and you must all have a testimony of the Book of Mormon if you're to make it the end of your lives. 

I testify the Book of Mormon is true, and I’ll keep declaring it to the world here in Kearns. 

-Elder Toborg

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and feeling of your strength in the Gospel and your testimony. You are dynamite and excel in leadership. Keep up the great work.