Monday, September 23, 2013

Well, Family and Friends, despite recent events, life still moves forward. Tomorrow are transfers, and I feel that my 10 month spree in Kearns will continue! 

The Rascon family
Last week, we took Elias and Carmen Rasc√≥n and their family down to Temple Square to get them ready for the baptism. We later found out that they aren't married, even though they told us they were married. So their baptism will be postponed a week while we get them married! 

Poli doesn't really want to progress, so we'll leave him for a while. He went down town to see if he could get his citizenship, and we haven't seen him since (4 days ago) so we think he failed and is deported to Mexico. We told him he should have gotten baptized and it would have gone better! Who knows?

We are teaching a wonderful boy named Salvador. We found him on the 14th, and he will be baptized this Sunday. He's been learning fast, and we're excited for this miracle! We took him down to Temple Square this week. 

During one of my lessons, shortly after finding out about Peter Maughan's passing, my Spanish increased dramatically and I felt Peter's presence in the lesson. I know he's doing fine, and that God's plan is perfect. I'm going to continue to seek for Peter's help, along with the Spirit's, during my mission. If nothing else, Peter is a driving inspiration in my life, and he will continue to be so. 

Our mission as a whole is increasing in number and in spirit. We were quite discouraged as a mission (or so says the other zone leaders, since I never felt it!) and now we're turning around and baptizing more as a mission. Kearns, after its split, has been doing well collectively, and we're excited for these transfers and the changes that always come. 

I have begun to study Doctrine and Covenants. There are many promises made to every member of the church; I encourage everyone to study the D&C (If you've finished the book of Mormon already), and apply it to your own life. 

I love the Work, and I’m going to keep Working.                -Elder Toborg

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  1. Your strength and spirit are felt through your words. Isn't it wonderful to know the Lord's plan of salvation and no matter how things appear to our earthly view it is not the Lord's perspective and He knows all and loves us all. Missionary work continues on both sides of the veil.