Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug. 19, 2013            
This week was CRAZY! In a good way. 

I'll start at the end of last P-day, where E. Smith, E. Moreira from Spain, E. Hall and I went hiking up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was beautiful up there, and it reminded me strongly of Washington. We drove for about an hour, staying on the exact boarder of our mission, all the way to the farthest east our mission goes, up up up higher and higher in the canyon. It felt great to get away from the city for the first time in 14 months. I was bounding around on rocks, just full of the fresh mountain air. Ah, what a nice relaxing time. We had some fun up at Secret Lake, hidden at the top of our 2 mile hike. We later saw a moose and the vaults where the church keeps all of their records safely guarded underground. I'm glad I got that 3 hour break, because what awaited me in transfer calls has taken away plenty of my sleep now.

We received transfer calls a day early, as to why I’m not sure, but this was the first transfers that President Chambers had done. E. Hall was called to serve in Draper, English speaking. He was quite angry to receive his transfer, even though he had been telling me for 2 months how ready he was to leave the area. I now know he's quite happy in Draper, living in a mansion with his own personal gym. I am staying in my area, which is now being turned into a zone leader area. My senior zone leader companion is Elder Julian from Spokane Washington. He knows how to light a place on fire! We are the zone leaders of "Kearns West," implying that Kearns
is now split between east and west. Elder Birch is the senior zone leader of Kearns East. The best part about transfers was the fact that Elder Talentino, AP, mixed up our zones and Elder Julian and I were zone leaders of Kearns East for a day... We got to know the districts, the people, got them supplies, and after a hard day of moving bicycles, got a call at 10:29 saying that we were actually the zone leaders of the other zone. How fun! Kearns East is stacked, great missionaries, all elders, ready to go, great experienced district leaders! Kearns West, we have four sets of sisters, 3 brand new district leaders (including Elder Smith my old companion who is
still in Western Hills 8th, pushing 9 months there), and to top it all off with a cherry, we got a visa waiter named Elder Olsen who will be living with us in our 1 room house. 

Boy, was my mindset sour at 10:29 that night, thinking about how we had to train all three district leaders and we were basically a Relief Society with 8 sisters. The following week thankfully changed my mind set. Our district leaders are ready to learn, doing alright. Sisters can reach people in ways that elders cannot, and though it's harder to train them since we cannot do exchanges, and companionship studies has to be done in a chapel with them, they'll do great. Elder Julian lit our area on fire. We didn't teach as much as we'd like, but we found two families on Sunday night, the Rascón and the Soto family, both which are on date for September 15th for baptism. The Rascóns, Elias and Carmen, were invited by the sister missionaries and our branch president to come to church that day. The sisters in our area (Sister Rogers and Sister Williams) who work English were assigned to speak to our Spanish branch (odd) and we were assigned to speak at one of their English wards. I don't know how the stake assigns things, but it worked out great! Elias felt the spirit during the sisters’ talks, and they were just begging to be baptized. The Soto family we found later after church, learning that one of their sons was baptized. We had a nice chat with the father, Jorge, and with his other son, Jorge. Yes, they're both named Jorge. They're more hesitant, but willing to learn more and pray about the 15th of September for baptism. 

I'm just so happy, I’ve found that when I have more to do, I’m much more filled with the spirit and with joy. I love this work; I know it's true; I haven't given up my life for some cunningly devised fable. This is God's work, and we can all know by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I have done this, so I know. As Christ's apostles said when they first met the savior "come and see" (John 1:39,46). Behold, He stands at the door and knocks, and if any man hears His voice and opens the door, He will sup with you, and you with Him. (Rev 3:20). Please let Him in! Help others let Him in to their lives.

-Elder Toborg-

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