Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 5, 2013

 This week, Luis Hernandez was baptized on Sunday. He was ready to hop in the water, and wow did he need it… Just like we all do! The night before the baptism, we had the chance to talk with Luis about his past. We found out that he has led a very tough life. He started his story off by telling us how he had to grow drugs at the age of 9 in Mexico to get by. He told us the stories of how his family is abusive, misunderstanding, and his life in a gang. What a wonderful way he has now to turn his life around as he takes care of his wife, and soon to be child. He's a prime example of how the Gospel changes families forever. 

I had revelation while talking with Luis about his life; that how can a person hope to progress spiritually when you can't feel the spirit through the thicket of turmoil in life. The purpose of the commandments is to allow us all to feel the Holy Ghost, act on the things we feel and hear, and then to eventually learn everything and become as our Father. I am disabled from achieving this when I do something insignificant, let alone go through those trials. This life is a time to prepare, we can only prepare when we can focus on God. 

There have been a lot of rumors going around Kearns that areas will be split in two to allow more missionaries to come in. This means that the Zone will be too large for 2 zone leaders to handle, which means Kearns might be split...
To make this a good situation, my old companion Elder Birch came up with the idea of having a Spanish Kearns and an English Kearns zone. Zones are normally spilt into areas by geography such as "West Jordan West, West Jordan Central and West Jordan East" being three of our zones. Spanish Kearns makes so much more sense: exchanges would be effective; we could talk about the needs of our investigators in Spanish, practice in Spanish. I hope this goes through! 

I'm so excited to hear that Elder Wong is coming home. It's hard to believe it's his time now. I recall him being out a year when I was in the MTC. 

The Kingdom of God moves forth. We have two more people lined up for baptism on the 17th and 18th; Jose Nogales and Poli. They both came to church, and were smiling, which is always rare among Hispanics (see photo of group of people, the one being baptized and his wife aren't smiling!) Both Jose and Poli have one this in common: spectacular gardens. They both have corn, wheat, apples and pair trees growing in their yards. Poli has a massive array of sunflowers, while Jose has a cherry tree and a vegetable patch. It makes me want to do gardening, until I hear how much time they spend on their yards.. about 2 hours a day. mmm... I’ll buy my apples. Though when I’m older I’m definitely having a garden like that. 

Well, not much else to report. This week we'll be having a "mission tour" at the mission office for the new area Seventy over our mission. Another Seventy that I get to meet, I think Seventies are as common as bishops now! They are great men, all of which know how to reach success in every aspect of life, spiritual and temporal.

Until you read my email again and I get no replies,

-Elder Toborg

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