Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 26, 2013
This week was focused on working, like always. 

The leadership (zone leaders and sister training leaders) had a meeting at 6 am in the morning in regards to how we can "fix" the mission. We have been going down in baptisms as a mission, and there is no excuse for it. Our missionaries are just not working. So what did we decide was the problem? We still don't know, but most of it was the mindset of working too much with less actives and not finding. It all starts with the leadership, so E. Julian E. Olsen and I went out and found 9 new investigators this week and had 10 people on date for baptism. Talking to everyone leads to gaining the Lord's trust which leads to him giving us success. WE DO NOTHING, the Lord does it all. Just remember that when you're afraid to share the gospel with someone, you don't do anything anyway, it's all up to the Lord, but you can stop his work if you don't act. So you're either on God's team or you’re not. ACT. Still my favorite word. We have another meeting at 6 am tomorrow; we'd better figure this thing out soon!

Of the investigators we're working with, the most hopeful is the Rascón family. They were invited by the Branch President's wife who only knew them for a week. They're ready to be baptized. Elias Rascón, the father, was already offering his cement service for free to anyone in the church who needed it. They were taught a year ago and were very closed. The Lord worked on this family and now they're ready to accept the gospel! They have two children under 8, but baptizing this couple will be a spectacular miracle. They're on date for the 15th of September.

We also found the Guillen family, a typical catholic house-hold where they depend on the father to make the choices. Sadly, the father was not at the lesson, and we taught the mother and two of her 25+ year old children. They responded well, and accepted the invitation to baptism. I don't think they knew exactly what they were saying yes too... because they didn't come to church the next day and won't answer the door when they're home. We'll just have to get in with the father!

Soto Family was another 3 who we found this week, they have a 20 year old son who was baptized, and still have a 14 year old and the parents who are not members yet. They know it's true, they just are frightened of other influences such as the prospect of quitting drinking and smoking. The mother said: "I was baptized 2 years ago in a Christian church, but things just don't make sense. Your church has everything that Christ's church had... you have a quorum of the 70, you baptize for the dead, you have temples, you anoint with oil, you believe in works... isn't that interesting?" Hmm yes that is interesting, maybe it's because it's the church of Jesus Christ. She'll get baptized with her husband, once they read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. It's the only way people can be converted, no matter how many facts they have!

We're working with various other people, but these families are the ones we're most hopeful for. Families are ordained of God, because they're more fun to teach!

I love this work, keep looking for ways to teach others!

- Elder Toborg

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