Monday, July 1, 2013

Onward, Ever Onward!

July 1, 2013   
Washington, and wherever else you might be,
Kearns, it's 100+ degrees here. The asphalt melts and sticks to your shoes. I've found the more asphalt you have stuck to your feet, the more baptisms you get, because this week has been one wild ride of miracles! 
Elder Hall from Kentucky

I arrived at my area last week, with 0 investigators for the last 6 weeks in the area. Within 3 days, the Lord led us to 4 people who accepted a baptismal date. When Sunday rolled around, two of them were no shows, but no worries, the Lord provided two non-members to come to church, in addition to the investigators we had. That makes 6 people found that week. We're continuing to work with them all, and some are progressing more than others, but I know the Lord provides when you hit the asphalt and WORK. 
Work is what fixes things that don't work anymore. Work is how the kingdom of God moves along. Work, or a synonym, Action, is how we obtain forgiveness of our sins, and lift others to come unto the kingdom of god. Action is how we receive revelation for our own salvation, and for the salvation of others. The Work of Salvation, the title of the world wide broadcast last week, is just that, WORK! Now it's up to everyone on this earth to put for their works, their actions, to bring someone to church, share the gospel with someone, or at the minimal, smile at someone who isn't smiling. 
In John 9:4; the Savior gives us some clear insight on why we need to work NOW. "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." The hour to act is almost up, and how great shall be our joy if we bring but one soul unto the kingdom of God, and an ever greater joy comes as we bring more souls. (D&C 18:15-16).
I'm trying to get the members to work here in Utah, where they have it, possibly, the easiest. I implore all of you to do your part, to invite someone to church, to meet with the missionaries, or any other of the many methods possible. Perhaps just "liking" the Church's Facebook page would bring someone to the Gospel.
Love is the way to overcome fear. (1 John 4:18). If you are afraid to share the gospel, develop more love for the Savior, and for your fellow men. Then it becomes easy :)
To you all, I give my love,
-Elder Toborg
As far as it goes being a Zone Leader, here's how Assistant Talentino put it:

"There are 20 zone leaders, only 4 of them are Spanish speaking. President was going to put you in Draper as a zone leader, which is an English area, but I've been in Draper now and there is not a soul here to speak Spanish to, so I kept you in a Spanish area."

In essence, Assistant Talentino saved me from losing my Spanish :) I'm completely happy with what has passed this last transfer, I just feel bad for my zone leaders now because I know how much time they miss being actual missionaries. 

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