Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24.2013

NO, we are not using Facebook for missionary work. Yet... So far everyone here in Utah is buzzing about missionaries using media to find and contact investigators. Not true for Kearns! It's Mexico outside, all we do is say hola and we have 50 people to talk to :) But, we still need the help of the members. EVERY member is a missionary! Everyone is on a mission until they die, and that mission is to be an example to others! 

Well, it was a sad sight to see President Miller speak to us for the last time at the World Wide Training broadcast. He spoke mostly of how much he cares for each of us, and that no matter what our mistakes are, he truly loves us. He compared it to how our Heavenly Father feels. 

Sister Miller counseled us on our lives after the mission, including the exhortation to use our spare time wisely. She related the following story about her son:

Sister Miller's Son flew to Pennsylvania and, before his interview in the afternoon, wanted to tour one of the museums. He got up earlier, and arrived to the museum to find it closed. When he turned around he saw a ragged old man asking for money. Fearing what he would do with just money, he took the man across the street and bought him a sandwich and talked with him for a while. When time was up, he said goodbye to this man and headed to his interview. There he faced 6 very prominent people in the school who started by asking him one question: "Mr. Miller, what did you do with your spare time this morning?" Both he and Sister Miller believe it was because of that experience he had with the homeless man, and that he had gotten up early that day, set him apart to let him into the school.

Along with all of this, transfers happened. I was relieved to hear that my stewardship had gotten a little smaller, and that I would be remaining in Kearns. I am now in the Park Ridge Branch, just a couple blocks north of all 3 of my last areas. This means I've served in 4/5 of all the Spanish areas in Kearns. I'm once again leading the same district I was leading 3 months previously, District 1 in Kearns. Our new zone leader with my old companion Elder Birch is Elder Barkdull, a zone leader since the day he was born basically. He's been out 14 months, and 11 months of that have been as a zone leader. He really knows his stuff!

My new companion is Elder Kevin Hall from Kentucky. He came out the same day I did, and all he likes to do is fish. Time to let him fish for men, not fish! My new area is as white and ready to harvest as ever. There haven't been any investigators or lessons in the area for 6 weeks, which means this is one plump mango ready to squeeze. In the 2 days I’ve been here we've already found 2 people. Time to get baptizing! 

We do not get to meet our new mission president for a while. The zone leaders will meet him on June 27th (Happy Birthday to my older sister Jessica!) which is when the mission officially splits.

I'll talk more about the district later. Things are going well!

Love you all!
Go find, missionaries only teach!

-Elder Toborg

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