Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 8, 2013

4th of July means two things for Utah.
Fireworks from July 3rd- July 8th at 10:31 (we go to bed at 10:30)  
More beer drinking for Hispanics

I become increasingly saddened to see the world focus more and more on itself. There are too many people that we talk to now who say "I'm catholic but I don't need to go to church I can do my own thing." Church? Who cares about going to church if you don't even remember who Jesus Christ or God are!? They even turn religion into a building with 4 walls a roof and a giant cross somewhere inside of it. Things of this world don't last. Recent encounters have taught me that things of this world will break, bodies will be shattered, but our souls will live on, and they can live on in happiness or in misery (2 Nephi 2:27).

This 4th of July, we met as a mission and got to review some of the new dress standards that God has established for missionaries. One of the biggest ones: NO MORE BACKPACKS. We have to use "side bags" now, because they're more professional. There are also more restrictions on the type of ties we can use, but we can use a more broad range of colors. Everything new that is allowed now, I've seen missionaries already wearing, so I believe these changes were so that missionaries could still qualify for 100% obedience and have the spirit with them ;) 

Elder Smith, my old companion
During these mission conferences on holidays, we have the opportunity to view a movie, however the movies that were chosen by President Chamber's 13 year old son Sam were quite.. absurd. So I spent my time playing basketball with the Tongans, who do not play nice at all. I'm lucky I didn't get hurt! There is now a new "type" of basketball. There's school ball, which is fair, there are rules and people are kind to each other. Church ball, where all Christ-like attributes seem to go out the window and everyone is allowed to be rude, and then there's mission ball, which includes punching, kicking, fowling of all sorts, anything to get the bright orange piece of leather into the bright orange metal hoop. I'm glad I don't live in Tonga. 

Elder Wade, in the district
My area of the Park Ridge branch in the Kearns West stake is picking up. Many people have come up to us saying "I guess the dry streak is over!" What dry streak? The only dry streak you can have is of your faith. 20, 40, 100 years from now, two missionaries will be walking the same neighborhood, and they will still baptize. Faith really is critical in every aspect of our lives. 

Elder Hall and I have also been going around, teaching recent converts and members about the commandment to share the gospel. The more you share the gospel, the more converted you will be yourself. I'm already pondering ways to share the gospel.. If I could suggest some to you all, I'd say, at the minimum, like the mormon.org page on Facebook, and share some of the hyperlinks to the videos they have there. Maybe just one video a week.. All you do is press "CTL+C" and "CTL+V" copy and paste. BAM, you just kept a commandment from your Heavenly Father. 

I love you all, and the work is going well here. Take care! 
-Elder Toborg-

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