Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

This week was how missionary work should always be. On Thursday, I ran around all night doing interviews for those being baptized, all throughout Kearns Zone. On Saturday, our district had 8 baptisms, to which our mission president, President Chambers, showed up to one of them (a family of 4 that Elder Smith and Elder Moreira baptized in my old area Western Hills 8). Then, Sunday, we had our baptism of Carlos Ortuño, who was so excited. Next week, Luis Hernandez will be being baptized in our area. There is nothing more sacred than viewing people receiving a remission of their sins for the first time.

This past Sunday the 28th, we also had the unique opportunity to have Elder Doxie of the Seventy attend our Ward Council. He made some good comments while we did a shortened version of ward council, and then began an hour-long training on how we have the resources to bring people back into the Gospel and the Church. He had everyone suggest ways that we can bring a specific family into the gospel, and anytime someone made a comment, he had them come up and stand next to someone who represented the less-active person. In the end, we had 12 people from the council standing up next to the "less-active." We were then told to move in close around the person, and he questioned the "less-active" if he could fall with so many people squeezed so tight around him. It was a great visual aid to display the fact that it takes a lot of people to keep someone from falling, but that it is possible. Elder Doxie attended our Sacrament meeting then, which was a farewell talk for a sister leaving on her mission. It was fun to see our Stake President, President Metcaff, nervous for once, who was also present at all of these meetings. 

Recent experiences involving those under my stewardship have led me to the realization that we must have the spirit at all times, to help us be quick to observe, and then be able to discern. Elder Hall and I taught the gospel principals class about spiritual gifts on Sunday to the new and non-members, and as we taught, my mind was opened to how much the spirit will guide us, and give to us, if we let it. 

This past Thursday, we had a leadership training for District leaders. I was very happy to see many of my old friends in the mission who were under me who are now in leadership. All I want is for every single person in this mission to become a leader, for it teaches lessons that one cannot learn anywhere else. We learned about applying the scriptures to ourselves, getting expectations from others, and then setting our expectations that we are going to see people daily, ask them to read, pray and go to church, and then invite them on a specific date to be baptized. With my experiences with President Chambers, I've learned that all he does is trust and love you, until you give him any reason to do otherwise. This is a very wise way to roll, because as you trust others, they will give you trust back. 

I love you all, and wish you all the best! 

Grace and Peace be unto you all from beautiful feet who are upon this mountain of Utah (Mosiah 15:15-17). 

- E. Toborg - 

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