Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013

The Spirit of God

This week, we had a miracle.
Well, we have miracles every week, some are smaller than others. 

This week, we took Carlos to Temple Square to have a tour around the temple grounds. We had the perfect sister missionary who did the tour. Carlos likes to talk, a lot. This sister, every time Carlos got off topic, said statements such as "we're going to not talk about that right now, and we're going to focus on what we're talking about right now!" Carlos is a humble guy, so he took it well. We got to a point where I tried to ask Carlos to be baptized but he started talking over me. This kind temple sister then said, "This elder is going to ask you a question, and you're going to answer." I then asked Carlos to be baptized next Sunday, and he said yes!

This morning, one of our old investigators gave us a call, Luis Hernandez, and said he wanted to meet with us tonight. We'll see how committed he is to being baptized.

We had a branch party this last Friday. Elder Hall and I showed up early to help cook, and then were able to greet the non-members and investigators as they came. It was a great turn out, we had three investigators come and a non-member family. Lots of less actives came as well. I think the Church should invest in more Latino parties... The way most of these parties go, however, is having an endless supply of food, and turning the Hispanic music up so loud that no one can talk, just eat and listen. I guess that's how they like it...

Our Spanish branch, Park Ridge, was selected to have Elder Doxie of the area Seventy at our next ward council. This is a miracle in itself, seeing as our branch only has ward council once a month, and because of this event we can have two ward councils this month! Ward council should really happen every week... but I guess this is progress. Elder Doxie speaks fluent Spanish, so I’m excited to hear what counsel he has for the ward. 

Last Saturday, the 20th, an old investigator from my last area was baptized. Her name is Norma Ortega, and she has been an active-nonmember for 7 months. Her husband finally got his divorce papers in from his previous marriage, and they were married 2 days later, finally allowing her to be baptized. It was a great reunion, with the APs showing up, since Elder Talentino taught her. Also, an RM elder Burkhart, came up from BYU, Elder Talentino's old companion and my old zone leader. Sadly, another elder took my camera on accident and I don't have any pictures, but I’ll get some soon!

The Spirit of God is the only way one can come to know the truth of these things. Proof won't do it. Don't look for proof, look for an answer the way God says it will come. I know this work is the Lord’s. Keep finding more non-members to bring to the gospel!

Love you all. 

-Elder Toborg-

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