Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 15, 2013


This week, I’ve learned to develop the Christ-like attribute of patience. It seems that every person in this area likes to have the last word, to prove to themselves that they are justified in their sins. Well, I’ve quickly learned that they are not elect and to hold my tongue. Testify and get out of there! The Lord sees these efforts, and has blessed us with continual non-members coming to church. Right now, we're focused on a very kind man named Carlos. Carlos just moved in after working 2 years as a truck driver. He has many, many stories to tell us about how he used to be abounding in wealth, until people tried to kill him, and then he goes into the story of how he received an answer from God saying "use your knowledge!" After that, he proceeded to tell us about how he cured himself from many diseases and ailments, half of which I’m not sure are true, but he's such a sweet guy; he wouldn't have any reason to tell fibs. Right now, Carlos admits his lack of knowledge about anything pertaining to the Gospel, and is working toward a baptismal date of the 27th. He has a lot of pride from worldly knowledge to lower, but we'll help him repent and open the gate that leads to eternal life. 

We're also working with a 19 y/o who is married to a member. He came to church last week and stated, "I want to be baptized now!" His name is Luis Hernandez, and I actually taught him 4 months ago on an exchange. He's changed a lot, but not quite enough. He didn't want to come to church this week, which really shows his desires to be baptized or not. His wife is expecting a child, and we're hoping that this will motivate him to get going. Luis is an Americanized Mexican who prefers English more than Spanish, but who wants to go to the ward of his wife which is our branch. 

Martin Pisan is another wonderful man we've been working with. He's 32, been single his whole life, and thinks he can find a wife at church. Well, at least he comes to church? He was working on being baptized on the 14th, then the 21st, and now the 27th. He hasn't been progressing too well, and it's because he won't put forth any effort on his own time. We had a great lesson about repentance with him, and in his closing prayer he asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. He lives with a recent convert, Jaime Cuevas, who seems to be discovering his own testimony for the first time as well.

Our area is doing alright, and I’m even more excited for my old area, Western Hills 8th, which is in my district. My old companion Elder Smith is still there, and they just married a husband and wife together and will be baptizing the whole family of 5 on the 27th. They've had miracle after miracle with this family, and it all comes from their diligence and obedience. Elder Smith is training a native from Ecuador who speaks very little English. It's great to have Elders and investigators from all around the world! 

This past week, we got to attend an endowment session in the Jordan River temple. I'm very grateful that my perspectives and desires to learn in the temple have increased, so that I don't have any urges to sleep :) I'm still amazed at how I can learn something new every time I’m in the temple.

Mission life is still the same with President Chambers as it was with President Miller. The Gospel is still the same with Thomas S. Monson as it was with Gordon B. Hinckley. Jesus Christ's church is still the same as when it was established with Adam, Christ himself, and now. I know this church is led by Christ. I know the Thomas S. Monson holds the priesthood keys to speak with Christ and receive revelation. I know that personal revelation is real, and that we must work VERY VERY VERY VERY diligently for the Spirit to receive this revelation. 

-Elder Toborg-

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