Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27, 2013
Como Estais vatos, weros y amigos!
This week has been a roller coaster for sure! My companion Elder Talentino got shipped off to be Assistant to the President, and with a new mission being created pretty soon, he'll pretty much be "President Talentino" for a couple of months. 

My new companion is Elder Birch, from Tucson Arizona. He came on the mission the same day as me, and his Spanish is quite spectacular. He's nervous as can be, he was just a junior companion 6 weeks ago, and has made his way through district leader and now zone leader in one transfer. He'll do great, the Lord calls us in our weaknesses. We're both doing a jumping program; Elder Birch is 6’2” and wants to dunk in basketball, so we're going to have a race to see who can do it first. 

This past week I went fishing, and I’ll have to say I don't think I’ll go back. I got a bass, I "dropped the bass," and then spent 2 hours sun tanning more or less. The only activity on the mission that I want to do associated with water is baptizing. Don't get me wrong, the thrill of catching a 4 inch... guppy… was so exhilarating and blood pumping. Until I can go swordfish fishing, I think I’ll stay clear of the activity :) Elder Talentino knows how to do it, drinking some cream soda and chillaxing on a chair.
We had 8 people leave the zone, and got some pretty fresh blood to replace them. Two of our district leaders left, one becoming a zone leader, and so now I get to train my companion and two other district leaders on their responsibilities. The Lord knows how to make you grow, that's for sure.

Next week we have a baptism of Chris and Melony Freeman, they're ready as can be to be dunked. Chris had the concern that he would never be able to sin again. Thankfully we have the sacrament, or I’d have that concern too. 

We're also teaching a man from Guatemala named Mario. He does not have a brother named Luigi. He would be baptized soon, but Satan knows how to drag prepared people away on long trips for work, which is what Mario will be doing for 4 weeks. We need to find more Hispanic people!! 
Included are some pictures from my WILD fishing adventure, and of one of our favorite taco stands, "Tippos Tacos" which has a duck on it for no reason at all. 

Living the Missionary Dream.
"This is Real life! This is the closest thing [we'll] ever come to real life in the Celestial Kingdom!" - Elder Holland.


-Elder Toborg-

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