Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 20, 2013

Transfers Coming Up

This up coming week are transfers, and it's looking like a 95% chance that my companion, Elder Talentino, will be moving up to AP, so I’ve got to tighten my belt and get ready to lead Kearns and train a new zone leader. The Lord can do it; i just have to follow the spirit, no worries. 

This week we had a baptism of some kids from a less-active, now active, family, Angelina and Chase. They were the biggest handful I’ve had to ever deal with, especially due to the "crush" the 11 year old girl has on my companion. They understand a lot more now, after their baptisms, than they did when we first met them. I wish parents would do their duties and teach their children, but we don't all come from perfect worlds. The Lord blessed me with inspired and worthy parents to culture to me to where I am now. 

We've been working more with the Bishops on the English side of our area, and we've been seeing some fruit from those efforts. We're finally getting the Ward Mission Process happening, I had my first WMP referral ever on my mission last week, and the family we were referred to was quite ready to come back to church. We've increased our teaching pool with less-actives, and seen growth in the sacrament attendance, but not the kind of growth the Lord expects us to get. 

As I was pondering on growth in the church, I was viewing the stats of the church from 2012; It said we had 272,330 baptisms. It struck me that a few number of those were from people I had helped into the church, but I was aghast to realize that we've been hovering around 250-300,000 convert baptisms in the church for 10+ years... It's time to amp it up!

Hopefully we're doing what we can here in Kearns; we're seeing great success come from the Lord as we work hard. I was reviewing records from the past, and before Elder Talentino came into Kearns, the area would baptize between 10-13 people. Now we're baptizing 15-30+. In March the Lord handed us 32 baptisms, April went down a little to 15, and so far in May we're looking at 30. I'm sure grateful to be here where there are people on every street corner outside to talk to, it sure helps the finding efforts. Kearns is the "little Mexico" of our mission. 

Elder Talentino and I were pondering over the types of people we've met, and we concluded that we've met someone from every single country in Central and South America. How spectacular is that!? I don't believe I'd have this kind of opportunity anywhere else in the world, I love this mission!


We're going to be increasing the number of sisters in the mission by 40% this transfer... Biggest concerns are immature missionaries not shutting their hearts enough. We'll see, the Lord knows what he was doing when he lowered the mission age.

Going to go fishing this week, first time I’ll be a fisher of fish and not of men for a couple of hours....

Love you All! 

-Elder Toborg
Kearns & Riverton Zone Conference
May 14, 2013
President Miller

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