Monday, June 17, 2013


It’s hot, is someone COOKing?

Dear Everyone,

Elder & Sister Cook
WE SAW ANOTHER APOSTLE! What an incredible opportunity we have here in the Salt Lake City South Mission to meet apostles personally, and hear them speak directly to our mission. Elder Cook came this time, making it a grand total of 4 apostles that have come to the mission. He spoke of his experiences as a missionary, being companions with Elder Holland, and struggling to find baptisms. He did something very unique before he left, and that was his special apostolic blessing that he left over our mission. His blessings included those of unity in the mission.  Loving our companions tops the list of importance. Blessed us to be able to feel how we can bless our companion. He blessed our home situations, that things at home would improve according to our service. Blessed us that our service would bring blessings to those near and dear to us. Blessed us not to be discouraged. Blessed us to realize how important it was for us to feed the Lord’s sheep. Blessed us to know that the atonement would balance all the unfairness of the world. These things are true, I know they are, Elder Cook is a witness that Jesus Christ lives today. 

President Miller will be heading home this week. We will be meeting as a mission at the Jordan River temple on Thursday to have our last time together with him. His influence will be greatly missed in the mission, but the excitement of having President Chambers take over is buzzing around the mission. We'll see how things turn out!

This week, I learned some important tips for showing kindness toward other people. Don't argue, agree with your enemy quickly, for hate is never ended with hate, but with love. I invite you all to look at someone's point of view before you respond. Try to find points where you both agree, you'll find you agree on more points and disagree on less! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! When you tell someone something, think about it… you want the other person to agree with you right? You want them to be convinced your decision is correct, right? Well, if you can agree with someone's statements on some points, they will be much less defensive, and end up agreeing with you in the end!

Anyway, I'll hop off my soapbox.

I love life. Elder Birch, my companion, states his new catch phrase often: "Remember life before the mission? Yeah, that sucked!" I agree. This is the closest thing to life in the celestial kingdom that I will ever get, until the real thing rolls around. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little lunch.
We also had a leadership training, which was quite helpful. We received guidance on how to correct missionaries. We need to act like we know nothing, but then drop hints to things that we do know. Shortly after the training, unfortunately Elder Birch and I had to put this practice to work. Eh, I’ll just do my part and let the Lord take care of the rest. This is his work after all!

That's all for now folks! 


-Elder Toborg-

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