Sunday, June 16, 2013


The obedience has been solved! Now all we have to do is worry about a trunky mission president! 

President Miller has been a brilliant, and a firm priesthood leader. He has changed my life, and my eternity. In two short weeks, he will be back on the beaches of California, surfing more than a missionary wave, but an actual wave... made of water… something I can't do for another year...

We had a meeting with the other zone leaders in the mission about what needs to change before president leaves. He warned us about the "ites" that might form, which is what happened when President first came in. People would call themselves "Millerites" and then reject the new Mission President, and rebel against… well... God himself. Thankfully, Kearns is blessed with very obedient people, besides one missionary, but we won't let that drag us down! We had some great miracles in the zone, and our success is improving, as is our faith. 

This week, we taught the Luque-Blandon family. The Mom is from El Salvador, and the father is from Nicaragua. They are not married yet... but we'll fix that. They’re looking at a baptismal date of the 23rd, and they came to church with all 4 of their kids. The oldest one is named Ariel, 16 years old, and he seems to be the most excited one oddly enough. They came to sacrament meeting, enjoyed a hymn, the sacrament, and then.... a 40 minute lecture of someone reading about tithing out of a book. Please don't make this mistake any time you are called to speak. DO NOT READ OUT OF A BOOK FOR THE WHOLE TIME. :) This will cause you shame, the spirit will not be there, and you will have wasted many people's 40 minutes, including potential members of the church. Take the time to fast, pray and listen to the spirit when preparing messages. Keep them simple and basic, so that everyone in the congregation can enjoy the spirit. Save the deep doctrine and your impressive array of spiritual knowledge for one on one conversation. 

You are all busy, and I will not take up more of your time. Time is precious! I have less than a year to convert all of Utah and bring back even more less-actives, and there just isn't enough of it! Spend your time wisely, get up early, get to bed early, and don't watch too many movies. 

I care about you all, that is why you are included in my Email list. I see you names every time I write, and each of you have a special place in my life. Thank you for your efforts to support the Kingdom of God. Keep it up!

-Elder Toborg-

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