Monday, June 17, 2013


It’s hot, is someone COOKing?

Dear Everyone,

Elder & Sister Cook
WE SAW ANOTHER APOSTLE! What an incredible opportunity we have here in the Salt Lake City South Mission to meet apostles personally, and hear them speak directly to our mission. Elder Cook came this time, making it a grand total of 4 apostles that have come to the mission. He spoke of his experiences as a missionary, being companions with Elder Holland, and struggling to find baptisms. He did something very unique before he left, and that was his special apostolic blessing that he left over our mission. His blessings included those of unity in the mission.  Loving our companions tops the list of importance. Blessed us to be able to feel how we can bless our companion. He blessed our home situations, that things at home would improve according to our service. Blessed us that our service would bring blessings to those near and dear to us. Blessed us not to be discouraged. Blessed us to realize how important it was for us to feed the Lord’s sheep. Blessed us to know that the atonement would balance all the unfairness of the world. These things are true, I know they are, Elder Cook is a witness that Jesus Christ lives today. 

President Miller will be heading home this week. We will be meeting as a mission at the Jordan River temple on Thursday to have our last time together with him. His influence will be greatly missed in the mission, but the excitement of having President Chambers take over is buzzing around the mission. We'll see how things turn out!

This week, I learned some important tips for showing kindness toward other people. Don't argue, agree with your enemy quickly, for hate is never ended with hate, but with love. I invite you all to look at someone's point of view before you respond. Try to find points where you both agree, you'll find you agree on more points and disagree on less! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! When you tell someone something, think about it… you want the other person to agree with you right? You want them to be convinced your decision is correct, right? Well, if you can agree with someone's statements on some points, they will be much less defensive, and end up agreeing with you in the end!

Anyway, I'll hop off my soapbox.

I love life. Elder Birch, my companion, states his new catch phrase often: "Remember life before the mission? Yeah, that sucked!" I agree. This is the closest thing to life in the celestial kingdom that I will ever get, until the real thing rolls around. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little lunch.
We also had a leadership training, which was quite helpful. We received guidance on how to correct missionaries. We need to act like we know nothing, but then drop hints to things that we do know. Shortly after the training, unfortunately Elder Birch and I had to put this practice to work. Eh, I’ll just do my part and let the Lord take care of the rest. This is his work after all!

That's all for now folks! 


-Elder Toborg-

Sunday, June 16, 2013


The obedience has been solved! Now all we have to do is worry about a trunky mission president! 

President Miller has been a brilliant, and a firm priesthood leader. He has changed my life, and my eternity. In two short weeks, he will be back on the beaches of California, surfing more than a missionary wave, but an actual wave... made of water… something I can't do for another year...

We had a meeting with the other zone leaders in the mission about what needs to change before president leaves. He warned us about the "ites" that might form, which is what happened when President first came in. People would call themselves "Millerites" and then reject the new Mission President, and rebel against… well... God himself. Thankfully, Kearns is blessed with very obedient people, besides one missionary, but we won't let that drag us down! We had some great miracles in the zone, and our success is improving, as is our faith. 

This week, we taught the Luque-Blandon family. The Mom is from El Salvador, and the father is from Nicaragua. They are not married yet... but we'll fix that. They’re looking at a baptismal date of the 23rd, and they came to church with all 4 of their kids. The oldest one is named Ariel, 16 years old, and he seems to be the most excited one oddly enough. They came to sacrament meeting, enjoyed a hymn, the sacrament, and then.... a 40 minute lecture of someone reading about tithing out of a book. Please don't make this mistake any time you are called to speak. DO NOT READ OUT OF A BOOK FOR THE WHOLE TIME. :) This will cause you shame, the spirit will not be there, and you will have wasted many people's 40 minutes, including potential members of the church. Take the time to fast, pray and listen to the spirit when preparing messages. Keep them simple and basic, so that everyone in the congregation can enjoy the spirit. Save the deep doctrine and your impressive array of spiritual knowledge for one on one conversation. 

You are all busy, and I will not take up more of your time. Time is precious! I have less than a year to convert all of Utah and bring back even more less-actives, and there just isn't enough of it! Spend your time wisely, get up early, get to bed early, and don't watch too many movies. 

I care about you all, that is why you are included in my Email list. I see you names every time I write, and each of you have a special place in my life. Thank you for your efforts to support the Kingdom of God. Keep it up!

-Elder Toborg-

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Keep the Commandments

This week, I will be brief, as to the fact we were dealing with disobedience in the zone. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with disobedience, and it pains me. Why can't people just go baptize? 

Anyway, this week we had the baptisms of Chris & Melanie Woodbury. Their parents are making their way back into the church now. It's nice to see a family brought together for an ordinance of salvation such as baptism. They had lots of extended family there, and their grandfather got to perform the baptism. He had to dunk Chris 4 times, from a combination of miss-said prayers/ didn't put him all the way under. 

Saw a double rainbow all the way across the sky right before a meeting with the entire Stake Presidency. The Stake President is an inspired man. He knew almost everyone we were working with and their exact needs. What a job... And this Stake President's area is probably 1 mile by 1 mile. Can't imagine a larger area. 

Keep David Pacheco, recent convert, in your prayers, He's fallen back to his old habits, and the spirit of the devil is starting to take over.

I got to do something very interesting in regards to the disobedience that was happening. An exchange on Sunday! I took this Elder with me who has been having some problems to bear his testimony at 6 Sacrament meetings, while attending 5 ward councils throughout the day. It was a roller coaster from 6am till 2pm. It was great fun. His testimony improved dramatically. A testimony can be found in the bearing of it. 

Teaching a 78 year old lady named Elna. She didn't come to church do to many, many health reasons, but she felt the spirit during the lesson we had after church and is praying to be baptized on the 16th of June. The Elder I had with me for the day felt prompted to sing a hymn during the lesson. It sure brought the spirit into the lesson.

That's it for this week, busy busy. We're going to go baptize. 


-Elder Toborg-

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27, 2013
Como Estais vatos, weros y amigos!
This week has been a roller coaster for sure! My companion Elder Talentino got shipped off to be Assistant to the President, and with a new mission being created pretty soon, he'll pretty much be "President Talentino" for a couple of months. 

My new companion is Elder Birch, from Tucson Arizona. He came on the mission the same day as me, and his Spanish is quite spectacular. He's nervous as can be, he was just a junior companion 6 weeks ago, and has made his way through district leader and now zone leader in one transfer. He'll do great, the Lord calls us in our weaknesses. We're both doing a jumping program; Elder Birch is 6’2” and wants to dunk in basketball, so we're going to have a race to see who can do it first. 

This past week I went fishing, and I’ll have to say I don't think I’ll go back. I got a bass, I "dropped the bass," and then spent 2 hours sun tanning more or less. The only activity on the mission that I want to do associated with water is baptizing. Don't get me wrong, the thrill of catching a 4 inch... guppy… was so exhilarating and blood pumping. Until I can go swordfish fishing, I think I’ll stay clear of the activity :) Elder Talentino knows how to do it, drinking some cream soda and chillaxing on a chair.
We had 8 people leave the zone, and got some pretty fresh blood to replace them. Two of our district leaders left, one becoming a zone leader, and so now I get to train my companion and two other district leaders on their responsibilities. The Lord knows how to make you grow, that's for sure.

Next week we have a baptism of Chris and Melony Freeman, they're ready as can be to be dunked. Chris had the concern that he would never be able to sin again. Thankfully we have the sacrament, or I’d have that concern too. 

We're also teaching a man from Guatemala named Mario. He does not have a brother named Luigi. He would be baptized soon, but Satan knows how to drag prepared people away on long trips for work, which is what Mario will be doing for 4 weeks. We need to find more Hispanic people!! 
Included are some pictures from my WILD fishing adventure, and of one of our favorite taco stands, "Tippos Tacos" which has a duck on it for no reason at all. 

Living the Missionary Dream.
"This is Real life! This is the closest thing [we'll] ever come to real life in the Celestial Kingdom!" - Elder Holland.


-Elder Toborg-

May 20, 2013

Transfers Coming Up

This up coming week are transfers, and it's looking like a 95% chance that my companion, Elder Talentino, will be moving up to AP, so I’ve got to tighten my belt and get ready to lead Kearns and train a new zone leader. The Lord can do it; i just have to follow the spirit, no worries. 

This week we had a baptism of some kids from a less-active, now active, family, Angelina and Chase. They were the biggest handful I’ve had to ever deal with, especially due to the "crush" the 11 year old girl has on my companion. They understand a lot more now, after their baptisms, than they did when we first met them. I wish parents would do their duties and teach their children, but we don't all come from perfect worlds. The Lord blessed me with inspired and worthy parents to culture to me to where I am now. 

We've been working more with the Bishops on the English side of our area, and we've been seeing some fruit from those efforts. We're finally getting the Ward Mission Process happening, I had my first WMP referral ever on my mission last week, and the family we were referred to was quite ready to come back to church. We've increased our teaching pool with less-actives, and seen growth in the sacrament attendance, but not the kind of growth the Lord expects us to get. 

As I was pondering on growth in the church, I was viewing the stats of the church from 2012; It said we had 272,330 baptisms. It struck me that a few number of those were from people I had helped into the church, but I was aghast to realize that we've been hovering around 250-300,000 convert baptisms in the church for 10+ years... It's time to amp it up!

Hopefully we're doing what we can here in Kearns; we're seeing great success come from the Lord as we work hard. I was reviewing records from the past, and before Elder Talentino came into Kearns, the area would baptize between 10-13 people. Now we're baptizing 15-30+. In March the Lord handed us 32 baptisms, April went down a little to 15, and so far in May we're looking at 30. I'm sure grateful to be here where there are people on every street corner outside to talk to, it sure helps the finding efforts. Kearns is the "little Mexico" of our mission. 

Elder Talentino and I were pondering over the types of people we've met, and we concluded that we've met someone from every single country in Central and South America. How spectacular is that!? I don't believe I'd have this kind of opportunity anywhere else in the world, I love this mission!


We're going to be increasing the number of sisters in the mission by 40% this transfer... Biggest concerns are immature missionaries not shutting their hearts enough. We'll see, the Lord knows what he was doing when he lowered the mission age.

Going to go fishing this week, first time I’ll be a fisher of fish and not of men for a couple of hours....

Love you All! 

-Elder Toborg
Kearns & Riverton Zone Conference
May 14, 2013
President Miller