Monday, April 1, 2013

Baptism of Jorge Macias
Baptism of Junior
April 1, 2013

Que Tal!
This month was amazing. We had so many baptisms, especially in our zone, Kearns. I had the opportunity to have two baptismal services this weekend. The first was for Junior, who was baptized on the 29th, completing a basment full of convert husbands to life time member wives (3 couples in total). We had a lot of people at Junior's baptism. His member mom brought a whole bunch of Pasole, which is mexican soup, consisting of corn and meat. Junior had the best shoes of any investigator that i've baptized, there's a picture displaying this. His baptismal water was freezing cold, and because it was so cold Junior said he'd never forgive.

The second baptism was for Jorge Macias, a 40 year old who's family is in Mexico. He's an example of real growth; he can add a lot to the church. He shows up to church every week in a full suit, and the bishop kept showing interest in him. He's already excited to watch General conference, and learn more about the priesthood which he will recieve soon.

We had to move out of our land lady's, Sister Brown's, house, due to her children coming home from military service. She supposedly used to cook for the missionaries all the time, and seeing as she's samoan, i believe it. However i can say after 3 months with her, she never made me food once. I guess she didn't like me. Perhaps it's due to the fact that i would kick her very annoying cross-eyed cat who would rub itself on us all the time. Now we're in Sister Kraft's house, which is a death trap because sister Kraft is known by all missionaries as the cookie-making lady, and yes her cookies are delicious. I'll resist as long as i can!

When we moved in, we got a third companion (my third three-some) Elder Lopez, from West Jordan. He's waiting for a visa to Argentina. It's not transfers, but since he was living there before, they just left him and had him switch companionships. Now there are 9 missionaries in my district. Well, they say if we didn't have weight to carry, then we'd become weak.

Our area is now in a sluff. 0 investigators. We've baptized everyone in this 1/2 sq mile area. Well, not yet, but we're working on it. Time to hit the pavment and find more!

Pictures are worth a 1000 words so i included many pictures and few words this time.

Love you All! The church is true, i checked. And you can check too by reading and praying about the book of mormon

-Elder Toborg-

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