Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 8, 2013
General Conference was off the HOOK!
All of the General Authorities talked a boat load about missionary work, I hope you all paid attention! If not, it's ok, because President Monson commanded ... err... invited... us all to re-read and study the talks that were said, so make sure you do that! I know I sure will.
Elder Matthew Griffin (Ogden Mission) 
 -childhood friend from Austin, TX-
"by chance" we sat by each other at Conference
I had the opportunity to go down to the conference center for the Sunday afternoon session (that’s right, going to conference live on the mission, how could I
have done that if I were in Russia!?). There I met a childhood friend, Elder Matthew Griffin, who was serving in the Ogden mission, and with whom I was friends in Austin Texas for a couple of years at the age of 4~6. We began to relate our missionary experiences together, talked a little bit of Spanish together, and then he decided that my mission was better because we got nicer cars to drive. Well, I found ups to his mission as well, like the fact that they cover Wyoming and Idaho. We then enjoyed seeing Elder Holland blast us with the spirit live, as well as many protesters who were outside.
I was companions that day with Elder Niupalou, who was assigned to make sure all the missionaries got to down town. On our way back, he lost some of the Tongan elders, and we had to go search through down town salt lake for them, because he knows they like to get into mischief. Of course, it seemed as though the whole Hawaiian island decided to come to conference, because E. Niupalou found many cousins and family as we made our search. The poly people sure are great! They're a bundle of energy.
E. Niupalou, E. Swainston, E. H.
As great as general conference was, we weren't able to get any of our investigators to watch it on Saturday or Sunday. A big letdown, but now we have much source material to teach them once we get back for a lesson.
Transfers are this week, and this time I’m honestly not sure at what's going to happen. Since Kearns outdid all of the other nine zones this month for baptisms, President Miller is most likely going to massacre the zone and send everyone to different parts to help lift the whole mission. This leaves our Zone Leader Elder Talentino in a pit, he's been a zone leader in Kearns for 6+ months, and every time he gets a new companion, they finish their 2 years and head home. This is happening this transfer again, and so E. Talentino is once again going to re-build the Kearns zone to success. He's quite a role-model.
Well, we don't have to wear suit coats 24/7 anymore, but today we got dumped on by the rain so we had to put jackets on anyway. My old summer pants still fit with ease, which is a great sign. I suspect that if I don't start biking more, they won't fit as well, due to the fact that our land lady loves to bake all sorts of buttery goodies. To my shock, I found out she worked for weight-watchers for 31 years. There is no weight watching now. All I need to do is fast every time I walk into her kitchen... Or store my food downstairs so I never have to go into her kitchen. It's similar to Kevin Nye's house: always a delicious goodie laying out on the counter.
No pictures this week, but I’ll be more diligent in taking them. Random people have some pictures from conference, hopefully I’ll be able to pilfer them somehow. Congratulations to the missionaries returning/heading out. It's going to be a change in life no matter what.
Keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel with your friends. Each of us can be a missionary, perhaps, within our families. Everyone must have a less-active or non-member in their family. Do what you can to bring them back! and use the missionaries too, they've got time to help you, and they sure want to!
Lots of Love to everyone!
 -Elder Toborg-

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