Monday, April 29, 2013

A shared sunset over the SLC valley with Elder Toborg
as Mom & Dad came to Utah for Jessica's BYU graduation.



A few of us got to attend the Oquirrh Temple to do an endowment session; A special prayer was said blessing the missionaries in the room for double the baptisms. We're going to get double the baptisms in the Kearns Zone for May! Pray for miracles.

Miracles happen all of the time; such as the Spanish family of 3 that we found last night and committed to baptism on the 25th of May. Their daughter is 7 and turns 8 on the 23rd, perfect timing. The father, Jose, is so very humble, and is a manager at Chic-Fil-A, which missionaries love because they give us 50% off.

We also had a miracle with one of our investigators, Freddy Quintana, who has had 10 felonies in his life time and just got off parole. He explained to us in detail how he used to love "sticking people with shanks" in federal prison, and people would die all the time. He connected the two sentences to make it seem that he killed people all the time, but he clarified later "oh no I’ve never taken a life, they always got medical attention right after I stuck them." The miracle of this is: he can still be baptized. When we deal with murder... the process is a little different, so we're grateful he's only an ex drug dealer/weapon dealer, and has never killed anyone. Christ can clean him, and he sure has made a 360 degree change, supporting his family of 3 even with a broken hand.

Today I get to go golfing with some of the other zone leaders. Golf is for people ages 50+ who can't move anymore. I hope you infer how I feel about golf.

We spent all of Saturday stopping by Bishops helping them have effective ward councils. 2/5 Bishops get it. The others, not so much. The reason the church is failing in Utah is because of in-effective Ward Councils. The Ward Council is supposed to be a return and report on assignments given, and further assignments given for the following week, with missionary work discussed at the beginning (Handbook 2, page 18). Our mission president, the other mission presidents in the valley, the stake presidents in the valley and 3 Apostles met for a special meeting regarding the "Tsunami" coming into Utah. We still don't know what that means, but I hope it's something positive.

We ate some very special food this week. Our dinner on Saturday was with a less-active from Spain who made us "Paella" which is a dish with rice, chicken, beef, muscles, and some various vegetables. While the paella was sizzling, he fed us some strange raw bacon looking thing called Jamon Cerano. The drink he gave us is usually made with wine, but through his grace he used cranberry juice instead. It was pretty delicious.

The second exotic meal we had was from Peru on Sunday night. We went over to Ronnie and Tamera Reeve's house to eat with her family from Peru. (Ronnie and his son Kaydon are being baptized on May 4th). They fed us deep-fried fish, with papa a la guancayina, which are sliced potatoes with special sauce (similar to fri sauce). It was delicious, so we ate a ton. Then they brought out the Arroz con Leche, which is white rice mixed with: Whole milk, 2% milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, straight cream, and then whip cream. It was also delicious. I now know that i am NOT lactose-intolerant, because I had no side effects after eating this thick milk creation.

Heading out to Baptize.

I invite you all to invite your friends to come to church and be saved; otherwise they're condemned to a never ending torment.

with Love

-Elder Toborg-

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