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That's how one may describe how I feel after this week. We were fortunate enough to go on two 24 hour exchanges this week. For those who don't know what exchanges are, it’s when you switch companions to help teach missionaries. You have to give it 110%, and after every exchange, the Holy Ghost has licked up every drop of energy you had.

All is well.

The Lord, fortunately, gives us more strength as well. Depend on him, and our problems go away. The more we focus on the Zone, the more success we get in our own area...still a mystery how that works, but I’m fine with it!

Jorge Luis Anica de la Rosa
This week we had two baptismal services. The first was for Jorge Luis Anica de la Rosa, from Mexico. This guy is black, blacker than night. He was found in an obscure ally-way, hood up, smoking drugs. Here he is, recovering smoker/Meth addicted, washed clean by the waters of baptism on 4/20. He's about 25 years old and married to a less active, or.. previous less active (she paid her tithing yesterday!). There has been a lot of growth in that home. The wife described her experience of having the Holy Ghost out of her life for almost 15 years, and now feeling it enter into the house when she accepts the gospel, she can feel the difference.

Eddy Alexander Gonzalez, Jr.
The second baptismal service was for Eddy Alexander Gonzalez Jr. His mother has been less active, and now has been coming back. The next step is the non-member dad, Eddy. Once he gets married to his mother, in the water for him! His main fear is coming to church... too many frightening Utah people at church i guess. Or maybe it's because no one says hi... Please say hi to anyone you don't know. Oh and it's a commandment from God too (D&C 88:81).

We've been working a lot lately through bishops. Now I cover both English and Spanish, and when we cover English in Utah, we have 5-12 wards in one stake. We have 5 wards and 1 Spanish branch. The bishops have a lot to learn about giving assignments and returning and reporting (which is all you're supposed to do in ward council - general conference April 2013), but we've gotten some really golden referrals from them.

One of these referrals was a part-member family, the Reeves. Oh Boy are they prepared to hear the gospel! Ronnie & Kaydon, Dad and 13 y/o son, started planning their baptism the moment after we invited them to be baptized! They'll be getting dunked on May 4th, oh it makes me happy every time we teach them! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! This is what the gospel is about, teaching families.

We almost had a baptism set up for Cinco de Mayo in the Spanish branch, but he got evicted from his house and moved out of the mission... Can't say we didn't try.

This week was also tiring, because of the mass amounts of teaching we did. Our mission president sets a "standard of excellence" for our key indicators, or the numbers we turn in to show our weeks labors. This standard is almost impossible to reach, but if you do reach it, it means you’re doing something right. Our mission's standard of excellence is to have 1 baptism 1 confirmation, 21 lessons with a member present, and 4 new investigators, with the average in the mission being 5 lessons with a member present. This week Elder Talentino and I reached those 21 member present lesson and so now i can slap a gold star on my ego.

Also, to all you Weros, or "white people"
Don't fall asleep in sacrament meeting.

We got to speak in one of the English wards as the main speakers, and I had to say very clearly and boldly the word "baptism" many times to wake people up.

Problem? Sleeping.
Answer? Take notes, fast, come prepared to learn, come with a question you need answered, don't sit in a comfy position, and then account to your spouse/family what you learned afterward.
Problem solved.

Love you all!

-Elder Toborg-

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