Tuesday, April 23, 2013


What the Change?

The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

This week started off as usual. Preparation day, a day that wears the mask of joy and relaxation, but underneath is the cleaning, the moving, the shopping. The chores. Around 4-6pm we finish up and played some basketball with the Zone. Elder Swainston is heading home, his trunky-ness was spreading all throughout. He needed to be down at the mission home by 6am the next day, and so did my companion Elder Lopez, so I swapped and went with the remaining zone leader, Elder Talentino. That next morning, Elder Talentino as Zone leader received transfer calls, and I was just along as his companion. Little did I know...
Zone Leaders: Elder Talentino, Elder Swainston, Elder Toborg

The transfers come in the form of an Email, which E. Talentino opened, eager to find who his new zone leader companion would be. He scanned quickly, then looked over at me and smiled, saying "welcome to the team baby!" and with a high five pointed that I was his new companion. 

What the Zone Leader? I was appointed to watch over a portion of Kearns Zone as a district leader just 3 months ago. It's an almost overwhelming responsibility to look over 20+ missionaries in the highest baptizing zone in our mission at this point. But. No time to complain, we're too busy working. 

This week has been a roller coaster of events. I now work in the Kearns Utah Stake, which includes 6 wards in English, and one Spanish branch. We do most of our work in Spanish, but this week some of the bishops gave us some good referrals which lead to two part-member families who we'll be helping their husbands get baptized in May. It's odd working with 6 bishops as well as a branch president now. A main key to helping others grow is to help them discover answers for themselves. E. Talentino is the master at this, and even helped a bishop realize what he needed to change to fix his ward during a ward council. I look forward to working with E. Talentino, a 6'3 college basketball player from Ohio. 

With transfers, we now have the four tallest people in the mission; E. Theodosis 6'7, E. Bennett 6'6, E. Johnston 6'5, E. Talentino 6'3. We're called the Kearns Dunkers. We dunk in the baptismal font, and on the hoop. Well, at least i do the first one. 

Elder Swainston left with flying colors, literally. We burned most of his old possessions in an old trash can. Attached are some pictures of the event. I now live in a fancy basement. We don't have a kitchen, but we have our own fridge. A blessing in itself. 

Stress is increasing; now I know why RMs lose hair... and gain weight. 

As Zone leader, I get to get people's mail every P-day... so I’m going to go do that now. Follow the Savior, he's the only one who can uphold us through our trials and tribulations. Keep studying the talks from this past conference. There is a lot that we can't catch the first time around. Pay attention to the ward council and ward mission leader responsibilities, it affects everyone! 


-Elder Toborg-

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