Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013
Changes, again
Hello Family and Friends,
This week was crazy, because we had to go back and forth and around and over and back and through to get everyone emailing this week. The reason it's different now is because we have two more members of the district. Sisters. They're wonderful people, and they do a lot of missionary work, but their communication skills are high pitched and whimsical. It's great having more responsibility.... makes the work… fun. We had two baptisms in the district this week, and we taught more lessons this week than ever, so things are pushing along. In our area, we had a rough week, but we ended it well, and we have two people on the road to baptism.
One of them is Sylvia Acartal who can't seem to get charity into her life. So we've been helping her establish a vision of having love in her life again, a goal of baptism for the 23rd, and a plan of reading, praying, and going to church.
Vision, Goal, Plan.
We get hammered hard in the mission about vision, goals and plans. Elder Smith and I figured, if it helps missionaries, it will help our investigators. So now we give everyone a vision, a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal and reach their vision. It's going well so far!

This week we got to have a lesson on studying the scriptures by Elder Jay E. Jensen, who just got released from the presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He knows his stuff.

It's great to hear that Elder Maughan has sisters in his district, because he describes them as acting pretty much the same way as the sisters in my district too. So we'll both deal with the trial at the same time.
Note, Elder Maughan, the next step from DL companion is becoming DL, so get ready, impressive, striking, red head.

Elder Lopez from El Salvador got transferred out of my district and now we have Elder Hernandez from Mexico, from the state Hidalgo. (No clue where that is, but my geography has improved, I know where most Hispanic countries are in general).

This is the last transfer of one of my Zone leaders, Elder Swainsten. He's a great elder, and he's baptizing like crazy this week. His area has about 14 baptisms planned this month alone, and the transfer goes into April a little. My other zone leader, Elder Talentino, is probably going to become an AP either of this mission or of the new one. He became a zone leader at around 7 months into his mission, and he's barely going to hit 1 year now. His example can make a missionary wonder: "If I had worked harder, could I have reached up to the success that Elder Talentino has seen already?" I'm just grateful to not be a zone leader, their work load is so grand, but stress comes when you sign away your agency with your mission papers.

March already... March Madness brings to mind one word starting with a "B" and that word is...


We've been focusing a lot as a mission on "real growth," aka having the kingdom of God growing, and not having empty Less Active numbers. We've been hitting less actives hard lately. When Elder Clayton of the 70 who announced the mission split was here, a missionary asked "should we REALLY focus on Less Actives as much as baptizing?" and he answered: "well, we want the non-member in 10,000,000 years to be in the Celestial Kingdom, and where do we want the less active to be in 10,000,000 years? The Celestial kingdom. So Elder, does that answer your question?" Sadly that elder began to back talk saying, "no but really, baptisms are more important right?" It was an interesting scene: a Tongan arguing with a general authority. Only in Utah...

Oh yeah speaking about only in Utah, today while shopping, the TV program on in the manicure place was a talk by Elder Oaks. Only in Utah...

Love you all.
-Elder Toborg-

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