Monday, March 25, 2013

 March 25, 2013

Welcome to Spring, Friends and Family!

Spinach smoothie
Utah welcomed us to spring by snowing on the 20th of March, the 21st, and the 22nd. Snow snow snow, we got about 8 inches in total, but thankfully the sun comes out and cleans it all up. Snow or not, we hit the bicycles and keep teaching. We've got one solid baptism coming up this weekend, Junior Camarca, who's 20 years old and just got married to a member. He's a perfect example of humbling oneself before God, and taking the step of baptism without complete knowledge. He's also a perfect example of why we finish High School; every time we meet him he's complaining about how his feet hurt from his yard-work jobs he does all day. Sure makes me grateful for all the schooling I’ve taken.

On Saturday morning, the English elders in my district had a baptism of two boys, who were baptized by there once less-active father. It was great to see how the whole ward showed up to support them. This is an excellent example of real growth in the Kingdom of God. Now they just need to get the non-member Mom baptized! Afterward, we had Navaho tacos at their house (their house is quite nice, and is across the street from Kearns: there are no nice houses in Kearns). It was nice to be eating a non-Hispanic taco for once; Navaho tacos are just scones without the sugar, so we put chili on top.

So far in our mission, the month of March has been really tough on everyone; except Kearns Zone! We're projecting 31 baptisms as a zone, and already have 20 for this month. Some of the other zones are projecting 3 baptisms with only 2 so far. I believe it's all because of our zone leaders, Elder Talentino from Ohio, and Elder Swainston from California (heading home in 2 weeks). They really know how to lead us, their mind set is right, and they lead the example with 6 baptisms in the last 4 weeks already. I feel as though we're sitting on cushions during a time of great depression; all we can do is keep moving forward!

As March comes to a close, we're one month closer to having a new mission president. So far I’ve seen evidence that President Miller is "trunky" in a couple of ways: 1) He changed the 6am wake up time to 6:30am, though most of the mission still gets up at 6am, including Kearns zone. 2) He brought back something called Zone Workout, where the entire zone gets together in the morning to play sports. This was canceled for a long time due to injuries of people getting too competitive, but it's back now! 3) He hasn't done interviews this transfer, which indicates that he's working hard with higher-up authority to get the mission split and new mission president ready to take over. I guess number three isn't him being trunky, but it's a sign that change is soon to come.

I'm excited to hear this upcoming General Conference. I'm hoping they open up China, or bring to pass some sort of change with similar magnitude as the missionary age change. It's a wonderful time to be in the full church cause 24/7.

The picture is the miracle baptism we had with Maria last week

If you want to see more pictures, you can check my blog or my Facebook. Hopefully my mom updates those sites ;)

Take care everyone! Enjoy spring! Spread the Gospel!


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