Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013


Today I got shot.

By a needle for flu shots. Apparently the whole mission needed shots, so we had a big gathering this morning to get some shots!

I had a very nice birthday yesterday, in which I have completed 20 years of human existence on this Earth. For my birthday, I took an investigator, Nora, to temple square. The tour was almost twice as long as normal, because Nora had so many questions. As we made our way to the Christus (the giant statue of Jesus Christ) I felt the spirit so strong, telling me that there was no better place to be during my birthday.

Some members from Columbia made me a special birthday dinner that they make in Columbia on special occasions. It consisted of Beans, rice, avocado, pig skin, sausage, a tortilla cake ball thing, a fried egg, and some sort of mashed up dry meat. It was very delicious, though I think I got my sodium content for a year in that one meal.

To complete my birthday weekend, we had the baptism of Amalia on Saturday night. We had over 50 people there, and most of them were non-members! (She invited her drill team to come). It was very simple and sweet, and the spirit confirmed the baptism was seen in God's eyes, after Amalia's boyfriend Joseph Castellanos baptized her. This is the Church of Jesus Christ!

As I turn around the corner of 20, it's a good time to look back on my life and realize how tomorrow I won't be able to get out of bed due to rusty joints and corroding bones... oh wait, I’m just beginning my life! Time to go hardcore and run house to house, searching for the elect who are ready to change their lives and follow Christ! Watch out; time to break some Olympic records for house contacting. Maybe I’ll start growing a beard similar to Elder Maughan's, though I don't think that is a fair fight anyway, he's all man cub.

Someone give Ben Black a happy birthday from me, and then persuade him to start his mission papers! Now that he's 20 he needs to get moving!

I'm reading the Old Testament right now, and searching for all connections it has to the Temple. I'm very surprised at how many there are, and it's great to see those connections. As a mission we're reading the New Testament together, and finding all the times it talks about the doctrine of Christ: Faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. There are quite a lot! I encourage you all to look for them! It's an essential part of God's plan. We must repent and be baptized by authority.

Take care, friends and family!

-Elder Toborg-

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