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Jan. 21, 2013

Friends and Family,

Baptism of Nora Mayorga
This week we had the baptism of Nora Mayorga, an investigator who has been taught for over a year, and now has finally taken the first step to returning to our Heavenly Father. Her whole life has already changed. She told us whenever she sees her family go out to drink, she just thinks how sad they look and how desperate and they don't even know it because they're all drunk and she's the only one. She now stays in safe places, and wants to be with her family more. She's starting a new job now, and going to enter into school. The gospel truly changes lives for the better. It's a fact!

This leaves us in a dry spot in our teaching now, for we have no one on date to be baptized. There are so many people but none of them will accept the invitation to be baptized. We believed that Elder Lish, waiting for his visa to Spain, was with us just to baptize Nora. The day of her baptism, he got a call saying that his visa came, and he'll be shipped out on Thursday. We're going to miss him, he was a great influence and Spain will love him.
E. Lish

Our dinner last night gave sort of a "going away" party for Elder Lish. They gave us half a loaf of french bread with meat inside. They then dunk it in salsa, and then dunk it in Tree Pepper sauce. It's Hot. Very hot. We're all had active tear glands, and burning intestines. It was great! Elder Maughan would have loved the challenge. We then had non-alcoholic margaritas; they were a nice reprieve after hot pepper sandwich trials.

E. Allen
This week we had interviews with President, which happen once every 3 months, and he was so loving and in a much better mode than last time we had interviews. He was full of compliments and encouragement. It was a nice change! He has about 5 months left as our mission president, and I’ll be sad when he leaves.

Transfers are on Wednesday, we'll see if I get a new companion, but I think Elder Allen and I are staying in this area. Our 90 year old landlady sister Burbank might sell her house soon, so we might have to look for a house to stay in soon. I'll be disappointed if we have to leave, we love serving Sister Burbank every morning, and she tells us things as if she's our mother, which reminds us that we're not the bosses of anyone, and there is still a little child in us still.

Sister Burbank, our 90 year old landlady
I hope everyone stays strong in their reading, praying and going to church. It's too easy to slip off the cliff in today's world. I would recommend everyone read the 4 lessons in Preach My Gospel that the missionaries teach. Sometimes we think we know the basics better than we do, and the better we know the lessons the better we can share our beliefs with our friends!

Bring forth fruit meet for repentance, and repent every week with the Sacrament!

-Elder Toborg-

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