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Jan 7, 2013

Friends and Family,

As 2012 comes to an end, the work of the Lord starts a new beginning. People are fulfilling prophesy more than ever, and the time of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is inching its way into present historical events. Our bishop this week warned the congregation to be prepared for hard times coming this year. He could be referring to just this congregation, but I believe it carries to all the world. Life is going to get harder, and the only way we can make it through is with the help of Jesus Christ. Follow His perfect example.

What was his perfect example? A good portion of it can be found in the New Testament in Matthew chapter 5-7 on his Sermon on the Mount teachings, and in chapter 3 where he shows us the example of Baptism. Jesus Christ spent His whole life doing missionary work, and this is something we're failing on as His church. Everyone member is a missionary. Every person, each week, should be looking for someone to introduce to the missionaries to begin teaching.

These are some of the things we're changing in our ward here in Kearns, and we had a quite amazing meeting between our mission president, and the bishops and stake presidency of the Kearns Jordan stake. He told how the stake and mission is a team, and how each ward should be looking for opportunities to teach. President Miller bore strong testimony of how there are many, many people out there who are prepared by the Lord, but we walk on by and don't open our mouths. FOLLOW THE SPIRIT, when you have a thought to invite someone to mutual, or to come to church, or just to go talk to them. Do it. You can only find out afterward if it was a prompting from the spirit. Most of the times, it is!

This last week, we had the chance to meet as a mission and celebrate the passing of 2012. We heard personally from D. Todd Christopherson. His spirit impressed me much more than when I see him on TV. He let us ask him some questions that we have had, and his answers were almost all identical to the answers we've already had from our mission president. Right there is a testimony that each and every one in a calling is called of God to teach the same Gospel of Christ.

Afterward, we got to dress into comfy clothes and play basketball/ watch the Disney movie "Brave." It was a nice relaxing 2 hours, after which we headed home and got to bed by 11:30. This is the first New Year that I haven't stayed up to watch. We learned from Christmas Eve that staying up till 11 would deprive us of too much sleep, so we went to bed as soon as possible on New Year’s.

We've had a cold week, walking around due to the fact that one of our bikes is out of operation. The work must go on, and so will we!

I'm so glad I have the opportunity to serve here. It was fun to see all of Elder Maughan's pictures of Mexico. They are all the same people I teach, just in their native lands.

Thank you for the birthday wishes I’ve gotten so far, I’ve been preparing myself, behaviorally, to leave the teenage years behind and turn 20. I don't think I’m going to like it. Will my joints start aching? Well, I guess I can't complain, regardless of my aging, with a 90 year old landlady who we see every day.

We're going to have a baptism this Saturday for Amollia, a young women coming to our Spanish branch because her boyfriend has been bringing her for 5 months now. Do all you can to be a member missionary!

I've got plenty of snow here in Utah I can donate to anyone who is lacking! Just send money with your order of snow to me and I’ll try and pray for some snow over in your area!

Love you all, keep praying, reading your scriptures, going to church and most of all, do missionary work! Share this love with others!

-Elder Toborg-

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