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Nov 26, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!
Felices Fiestas! (Happy Holidays!)

This week, Thanksgiving, was an interesting experience for a missionary. We had 4 Thanksgiving dinners. Thankfully we made a plan to eat small samples at each meal, which made us turn out to only gain 1lb each that next morning. The Hispanic saints are very kind, and since they all live here they all celebrate Thanksgiving, but this was Elder Gomez's first Thanksgiving ever because they do not celebrate it down in Mexico. He was so scared for gaining 10 pounds in Thanksgiving Day, but we didn't eat that much so he's happy.

On Tuesday, we got to go down to temple square with Jose and Arcelia, Jose being the ex-gang member. They felt the spirit so strong, especially at the Christus (the statue of Christ on the second floor). It was a perfect time to invite him to be baptized on the 15th of December. He said he cannot change that soon, but he said he wants to be Baptized. So far our main challenge is getting them to attend church. She needs to change her work schedule to attend church, but they know the importance of attending church, it might have to wait till after the holidays, her work is pretty firm.

On Thursday we had a zone conference, which was a 6 hour meeting were we received instruction on how to be better missionaries (chastisement). The meeting was very inspirational and we learned about the oath and covenant of the priesthood as explained in D&C 84:33~46. I received a lot of personal revelation in regards to the subject, and I recommend studying this more deeply if you have not!

Saturday evening we had the opportunity to host a family home evening at a less active member’s house. The mom ended up cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner with turkey, potatoes and all the works. So make that 5 thanksgiving dinners! The spirit was so strong, and I know everyone there felt that the gospel was something that will bless their lives. We've been trying to get this family of 5 to start coming back to church. They didn't end up coming the next day, but we'll keep working with them.

Patience; the ability to endure all obstacles and challenges without becoming frustrated or angered. This is something my companion and I are beginning to see the necessity of due to investigators and people who just ignore us or don't do things when they know they are right. From the example of Alma in the Book of Mormon, sadness is the only emotion you should feel when people break the commandments or don't follow what they know is right. All i can do is love these people and continue to support them.

I've just begun to start reading the Old Testament, and wow there is a lot of stuff in there. One of my favorite scriptures I’ve found so far is Exodus 23:2 which says: "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil..." which lead me back to the common saying "If your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you?" I'm so using this scripture to keep my kids from peer pressure! As well as teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the thanksgiving package! I ate all the food fast, but saved six candy corns for Elder Gomez and me to do the tradition. To explain to others, we each take three candy corns, and say one thing for each candy corn of things that we are grateful for. I find it interesting how the subjects I said didn't change, but the order in which i thought of them changed. Normally I give thanks for: Family, Friends, Gospel. Here on the mission the first thing was: Gospel, Family, Friends(companions).

I love you all and hope you all had the best thanksgiving ever! If not, there's always Christmas coming up! Speaking of Christmas, the Church of Jesus Christ is starting a massive Christmas campaign at You can download free Mormon tabernacle choir music, and get free digital post cards, as well as view videos in regards to Christmas. Tell all your friends about it! They can also get a free bible delivered by two men in suits who will teach them about the Christmas story in Luke 2!

I know this work is the work of Jesus Christ, and he leads this church. Celebrate him in this time of CHRISTmas, and remember to give and not get this season!

Felices Fiestas!

-Elder Toborg-


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