Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elder Gomez is from Mexico City. This is first snow ever.

Nov 12, 2012
Merrrrry Thanksgivingmas!

Stores are stocking Christmas, houses are decorated for thanksgiving, and the snow on top of everything outside makes it seem like winter!

This week we had quite a nice snow storm. Beginning on Friday, we were told to go home early (especially us because we live up on a hill close to the mountains) due to the rapid fall of snow. The next day, we wake up to an order from our zone leaders "No driving today!" So we put on our boots and start the 1.5 mile walk just to get down to our nearest stake center (we use around 55 miles every day on our car, so walking in our area... fun). It was a great opportunity to help people shovel their driveways on the way. We had a portable CD player and speakers so we were a walking music box of Hymns. I felt so blessed to help so many people who physically could not remove the snow from their driveway, and then keep walking on the help the next person.

Before the snow hit, we found two more investigators and had a lot of nice lessons; but sadly not any really committed people. None came to church, which is unfortunate because it was stake conference. We got to attend to the Priesthood leadership meeting at 4pm on Saturday, the 7pm adult session afterward, and then the following day the 10am Stake conference with everyone. Every time we came, the stake presidency had us sit up where the sacrament is blessed so that all the stake could see that their missionaries were there supporting them.

Being a missionary has its fun times and its surprises, such as the second counselor in the mission presidency showing up and saying: "Elder Toborg, I have been asked to give a 10 minute talk and I would like you to take 2 minutes to teach about gospel dispensations." No fear came over me, because it's an English stake :) Both Elder Gomez and I spoke, as well as the two English missionaries covering that stake. It was a beautiful meeting, and I think it's the first time I’ve soaked in every word that was said at a stake conference! Try to make every meeting a "revelatory experience" not just a "meeting." Come with a question or two that you want answered, personal or gospel related, and if you pay attention, your question will be answered. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways!

I know things are happening on the political scale that may be frightening or unsettling, just remember if you keep living righteously and teach others by example. If our families stay safe and security while society crumbles around us they will see our example and be drawn toward us.

It's so fun to hear about Peter's adventures in Mexico. I also get to compare his words to what my native Mexican companion is telling me, so far Mexico sounds like a great place to not go on vacation, but I hope someday I’ll get to go party in Veracruz on a vacation!

Wow Christy has her mission papers in. Sounds like she'll be returning home right about when i do if she leaves in the next 1-2 months. I support Josh's decision, it would be very hard for me to realize that my freshmen year of BYU would be taken away right after applying to BYU and making it in. He'll have a blast. Tell him to go to church every single week; that will help him the most at school down in BYU.

Study the scriptures, Attend Church, and pray every single day. This is how you will make it through any storm.

I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it changes our lives. We can learn about his perfect plan for us through the scriptures and then we can pray to ask him if this plan really is true. I testify that it is true and that we will be united with our loved ones after this life, IF we follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. I love the Lord and I love this work

- Elder Toborg -
Mom was online when Daniel's letter came in and they had a mini conversation post election day:
Daniel: Yeah! It's pretty cold here. I'll explain more in my weekly letter. I'm quite irritated at the outcome of the Washington laws regarding Sodom and Gomorra.... :( I kind of knew that Romney wouldn't win the overall, though i had my hopes.
Mom: Oh, I thought he would win, but we’re very discouraged and counting the days to the Second Coming. Dad says we should move to Utah. I say we should move back to Texas. They all have guns.
Marijuana passed; Christie asked if kids could now bring it to school??????
Every elected person here is Democrat – amazingly won by just a slight margin.
I just try to remember that nearly half of us didn’t want any of this. We must be more righteous.
Daniel: I hope people cannot bring it to school, and as for moving, Utah is a very nice place! and then i can save money by staying at my parents house :)? Haha

I'm sorry it was so discouraging, I'm 99.99% sheltered from all politics and so anything that happens doesn't "exactly" effect me at this moment.

I've been studying the 2nd coming a lot, and today the man who rung up our groceries asked "do you think the world will really end this December 2012!?" Haha, now it sounds like it needs to happen.

Just remember; you can teach the best by example :)

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