Monday, December 31, 2012

December 24, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas Friends and Family!

This week leading up to Christmas has been so successful! Despite my companion accidentally ripping his handle bar in half, and biking endless miles, We found 7 new people to teach this week, including a family of 6, with 4 of their children being able to be baptized! We're looking at Jan. 13th for the family of 4 to be baptized, which happens to be the same day i came into this world. I sure hope they can enter into the saving ordinance of baptism by that day, what a great birthday present it would be! 

So, how was the "end of the world" for everyone? For me it was great, it was the day the Lord led us to the family of four, and one other man named Maximo to teach. Currently the Lord has blessed us with 10 people with specific dated goals of baptism. 4 on the 29th of December and 6 others in January. It's going to be a white Christmas! 

Make sure to always focus on the meaning of Christmas, Christ. This morning, my land Lady, Sister Burbank and I were chatting about the meaning of Christmas. I told her "yeah the real meaning of Christmas is Christ" to which she responded: "it's the ONLY meaning of Christmas..." Which is so true! Thomas S. Monson mentioned in the LDS news that Christmas is the only time when our hearts are softened enough to let go of hatred towards everyone, and invite everyone anywhere to any event. He used the example of feuding neighbors who will let their walls down and exchange gifts of kindness. May we all have the spirit of Christ in our hearts! 

Peter mentioned that he will be singing in a choir, and that made me laugh, because after having a companion from Mexico who is probably the worst, "confident" singer ever, i now would love Peter's singing abilities, because they are far superior. I expect him to continue his singing career and we'll form a band and become FAMOuS. Right? 

Tonight, we will be hearing from an Apostle. We don't know yet... but all we know is that we will be "hearing a special musical number from Elder Dallin H. Oak's grandchildren" so i think i have a hunch at who will be speaking to us. I can only hope! I expect to be enlightened by the end!

Happy Christmas to all the missionaries who get to skype/call home! I'm excited to talk with my family tomorrow! The Lord has truly blessed us with technology to be used correctly for purposes such as communication and learning! 

My two new companions and I are doing great. We're really enjoying the missionary work, and Elder Lish is still waiting for his visa to Spain, but we'll hold onto him as long as we can. I think we're all getting very skilled at riding bikes, and now i see the passion some people develop back in Washington for professional bike riding. Do i have a desire to do that? No thanks, but i now appreciate it more. "dirty" Kearns is a very interesting area, i don't think i've ever smelt so much alcohol before, but we're here to clean it all out and let people make correct decisions! 

I haven't been eating anything too odd in this area, just the basic hispanic soup called Posole, which is the most common dish we eat. Beans, meat, tacos. I'm trying hard to keep the holiday weight off, it's a struggle, but me and Mr. Bicycle can do it!

Merry Christmas everyone! Feliz Navidad!

-Elder Toborg- 

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