Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec 3, 2012
Six Months of Bliss
Hello Friends and Family!

This week I'll reach my 6th month mark in the mission (June 6th-December 6th), and I'll be doing the ceremonial rights of burning one tie. I've got plenty of stained ties so the selection is going to be hard. It reminds me of some of my studies in the Old Testament, and how they have to sacrifice burnt offerings on alters. The Spanish is coming along, but I'm not as good as I'd like to be for being 6 months out. I'll just keep studying and working hard to improve. I still can't understand anyone from Puerto Rico, but that's because they don't seem to be speaking Spanish ;)

The Christmas lights are up at Temple Square, but because of the lights the sisters at temple square cannot do tours after 5pm (when the lights turn on) so we won't be able to go down there to take investigators. I hope somehow we'll be able to see the lights, but as of now it doesn't seem like we'll get the chance.

This week was a pretty hard week; as a zone we've begun to show our 100% love to the Lord by never stopping. Always running to houses, driving as safely fast as we can, taking no extra time to do anything, fast showers, fast meals, everything we can to show our love to the Lord. Frankly, I'm dead tired, but I know the Lord will give me the strength I need to do this for another year and a half! We've seen the effort from our labors, last night we committed three people to be baptized on the 23rd of December. Two are not married, so it looks like we'll have another wedding to do!

I hope you all had the opportunity to view the Christmas devotional yesterday night, if not it's on I sincerely enjoyed their comments and the stories in which they presented their ideas. President Monson's overall message was to focus on the Love of Christ by giving, without any thought of receiving. If you're having trouble with this, go on a mission, your perspectives shall change ;)

Sounds like a lot is changing in the world around me. In Walmart when we shop for our groceries we're able to see the "new" games and films coming out. Oddly enough, to me they all look the exact same, just some things have been changed from a "3" to a "4" or adding a "2" to the same title. I hope you all are able to focus on the things that never change: God and his Son's Gospel. Since the beginning of time with Adam, The Gospel of Jesus Christ has helped families together in happiness. Follow Christ, and you'll be happy. I promise that and the scriptures promise that. Will it take effort? Yes. Only through Satan's plan can people do nothing and get something, though that something won't last for long. Christ offers never ending happiness.

It's so nice to hear about the things happening with some of my friends, congratulations to all who are going on missions and to those few getting married! I hope you always stay in the gospel in everything you do.

It's so great to see the Sherman family! They all look so healthy and happy! And what is this whole "my sister is growing up when I'm not there" thing. She's getting so mature in speech (from her letters) and stature!

Peter has said he has no more math abilities; but I don't believe him. He could look at a text book for 20 minutes and have all his old skills back! As for me, I tried thinking of anything I learned in Physics or Calculus one time, but I’m sorry to say I can't remember anything. I hope I’ll be able to jump back in, but I don't have to worry about that for another year and a half!

Thank you all for your prayers and support, I love you all and wish you the very best seasons of Christmas this time around!
Don't forget to visit to find out more about the Savior and his birth! (Also free Christmas music and other things!) and to do genealogy and find those people waiting to receive their ordinances!

- Elder Toborg -

P.S. anyone have any pictures of Mike Rennie or David Skyler Noah Hamblin? I don't know anything about how they're doing! and someone tell Christine Sanelli to send me her address so I can reply to her emails!

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