Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec 10, 2012
Happy CHRISTmas everyone!

One does not have to go far from home to find authentic Hispanic food to make one sick. This week my companion and I had the privilege of occupying both of the restrooms in our church building after a classic meal of meat and grease dipped tortillas covered in what looked like home made cheese straight from the goat. Though I do not feel like i was conquered by the food *cough* Peter *cough* the always present rule in physics of cause and effect was not over ridden by my lack of fear in diving in to such a meal. Thankfully, it was a 30 minute meal and a 30 minute after effect, so all is well right now! I can't complain, I have hot water.

We've had some snow flurries here in Sandy, not much to impede our missionary work at all, but enough to frighten my companion while he drives in his first snowy winter. It got down to 19 degrees last night, but thankfully we have a car with a heater

Transfers are this Wednesday, and the chances are very high and Elder Gomez and I will be receiving new companions. We've enjoyed the time we've had together, and I'm sure I'll be just as pleased with the new companion i will be acquainted with on Wednesday.

As far as our area and the missionary work, we found many miracle families last week, however all of them were not able to meet with us all week, and that severely hampers their spiritual progress. We had five people scheduled to be baptized on the 23rd, and now they're all going to have to be pushed back to the 30th, if we can ever meet with them. We're still working hard, and we know their are people in our area ready to hear the gospel.

I learned some interesting things this week from talks by Spencer W. Kimball, in regards to "Not marrying early and not having many kids is a sin." He states that it was the first commandment given to Adam and Eve to "Multiple and replenish the Earth" and that by not bringing in more children into a gospel setting if one can afford it is denying God's plan. I've always been set on NOT being a missionary who gets married a year after he gets back, and then has 12 kids. I don't know if I'm convinced of changing from my previous thoughts of "after college, around 25 marriage, 3 kids max," but coming from a prophet it certainly has some credibility behind it to think about. I think the winning clause is "if one can afford it" so all i have to do is only be able to afford 3 children.

I've been getting more concerned about the status of the up coming generation of youth. Now more than ever, it is so vital for parents to invest time to be with their children so that they can learn proper values, especially the values of the gospel which protect family life through Jesus Christ. Elder Gomez and I have been working closely with a family who is very disorganized. This week we gave them some rules to post all over their house. These rules were simply, including "no punching" and "go to school" with the punishments being things such as "no TV for a week" or "cleaning the house." We received the report that the children had then proceeded to destroy and dismantle everything in the house in their anger and rage at following these rules. We get to go this week and clean her house now, but slowly these children will learn! Stay close to the gospel, teach your children starting right as they are born through good habits between parents. If there's one thing i've seen, children will not doing anything you aren't doing yourself.

I'm amazed that i was able to overcome some of my youthful challenges, but it was only possible through my great parents who kept me close to the savior. If you do not have a testimony of Joseph Smith, the restoration, or do not know what the gospel of Christ is (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End), I encourage you to study these topics and pray to God to know if these things are from Him. I promise they are and you will receive an answer from the Holy Ghost through feelings of peace, love and joy.

Focus on giving this Christmas season. As you give, your friendships will strengthen, and those last much longer than gifts given in boxes and with bows. I cannot give you much now, but i give you all my testimony that i know this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that only by Baptism in His church can we enter into Heaven with our families after this life.

I love you all and hope your Christmas seasons are as filled with Christ and joy as mine have been so far!

-Elder Toborg-

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