Monday, December 31, 2012

"We always manage to have fun times here in the mission."
Dec 31, 2012

Set Goals for this New Year

I'd like to start off this week with the message from my mission president, which I thought was very inspirational for a new year:

Merry Christmas!
"What will you resolve to do in the coming year? Setting New Year’s resolutions can be a tradition that fades in a few days or it can be a mindset to change our lives ... it is all about mindset. It wasn’t too long ago, in 1996, when President Hinckley set a goal to have 100 temples by the end of the year 2000. Others felt it couldn’t be done. Guess what? It was done by the end of the year 2000. Now there are 197 temples throughout the world. President Hinckley understood the principle of goal setting.
To accomplish a goal several things must be in place. First, you must write it down. A goal unwritten is just a dream. Second, you must discover and write down all your resources to accomplish your goal. The Savior said, “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, saying, this man began to build, and was not able to finish.” (Luke 14:28-30) Third, you must make a plan to accomplish your goal. Care must be taken not to become distracted. You may mistakenly think because your plan yields success, but does not accomplish your goal, that you have been successful. Fourth, you must execute your plan. If you plant and plant and never reap your crop, your work will be in vain. Fifth, you must evaluate to see if your plan accomplished your goal."
Set those goals, follow through! It can change your life! As missionaries we set goals every day, and I can tell you that they do drive us to do much more than a day lacking goals.
Christmas was quiet and nice here in Utah. We spent the whole day inside, with our Landlady who is 90 and didn't have any family to visit her so we stayed with her. It was great to Skype the family! They all look the same except my 15 year old sister Christie. She's growing up in a most rapid manner!

This week we had a very hard week after Christmas. We had a baptism all set up for Saturday night. The program was made, the chairs were set, the font was filled, but Satan was working very hard. This lady, Nora, was very nervous about her baptism, but she was definitely ready. Her mother, however, convinced her that she shouldn't be baptized. As a result, we had to drain the font and head out. We didn't find any new investigators this week, and we lost about 6 of our old investigators. We're still chugging along though, we have the change to bring a girl named Amollia to the waters of baptism on the 12th of Janurary, and she's solid for that date! There are bright things ahead and we're still pushing on!
Though our area didn't have any baptisms, I got to go back to Sandy to see the baptism of an old investigator who I taught with Elder Gomez. The baptism was very simple and nice, and the family was very happy. I was so happy to see my old area, and all the wonderful people there. The Gospel is true anyway we go!
We had some great times with the ice outside, we always manage to have fun times here in the mission!
Elder Allen
We heard from Dallin H. Oaks on Christmas Eve. It was a short a simple talk about Christmas, but all 200 of us missionaries got to shake his hand! He's an amazing person! We heard musical performances from his children as well. Tonight, New Year’s Eve, we get to hear from D. Todd Christopherson as well! It's quite a treat to be able to meet Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ in person here in Utah!

Not much time today, but have a great New Year’s, set some goals and stick to them! (See above)

-Elder Torboog/Grobot/turbor/Cyborg/whatEverElseHispanicsCallMe- Toborg

December 24, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas Friends and Family!

This week leading up to Christmas has been so successful! Despite my companion accidentally ripping his handle bar in half, and biking endless miles, We found 7 new people to teach this week, including a family of 6, with 4 of their children being able to be baptized! We're looking at Jan. 13th for the family of 4 to be baptized, which happens to be the same day i came into this world. I sure hope they can enter into the saving ordinance of baptism by that day, what a great birthday present it would be! 

So, how was the "end of the world" for everyone? For me it was great, it was the day the Lord led us to the family of four, and one other man named Maximo to teach. Currently the Lord has blessed us with 10 people with specific dated goals of baptism. 4 on the 29th of December and 6 others in January. It's going to be a white Christmas! 

Make sure to always focus on the meaning of Christmas, Christ. This morning, my land Lady, Sister Burbank and I were chatting about the meaning of Christmas. I told her "yeah the real meaning of Christmas is Christ" to which she responded: "it's the ONLY meaning of Christmas..." Which is so true! Thomas S. Monson mentioned in the LDS news that Christmas is the only time when our hearts are softened enough to let go of hatred towards everyone, and invite everyone anywhere to any event. He used the example of feuding neighbors who will let their walls down and exchange gifts of kindness. May we all have the spirit of Christ in our hearts! 

Peter mentioned that he will be singing in a choir, and that made me laugh, because after having a companion from Mexico who is probably the worst, "confident" singer ever, i now would love Peter's singing abilities, because they are far superior. I expect him to continue his singing career and we'll form a band and become FAMOuS. Right? 

Tonight, we will be hearing from an Apostle. We don't know yet... but all we know is that we will be "hearing a special musical number from Elder Dallin H. Oak's grandchildren" so i think i have a hunch at who will be speaking to us. I can only hope! I expect to be enlightened by the end!

Happy Christmas to all the missionaries who get to skype/call home! I'm excited to talk with my family tomorrow! The Lord has truly blessed us with technology to be used correctly for purposes such as communication and learning! 

My two new companions and I are doing great. We're really enjoying the missionary work, and Elder Lish is still waiting for his visa to Spain, but we'll hold onto him as long as we can. I think we're all getting very skilled at riding bikes, and now i see the passion some people develop back in Washington for professional bike riding. Do i have a desire to do that? No thanks, but i now appreciate it more. "dirty" Kearns is a very interesting area, i don't think i've ever smelt so much alcohol before, but we're here to clean it all out and let people make correct decisions! 

I haven't been eating anything too odd in this area, just the basic hispanic soup called Posole, which is the most common dish we eat. Beans, meat, tacos. I'm trying hard to keep the holiday weight off, it's a struggle, but me and Mr. Bicycle can do it!

Merry Christmas everyone! Feliz Navidad!

-Elder Toborg- 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From Sandy to Kearns
December 17, 2012

Well, Family and Friends,

This week, I got transferred from Sunny Sandy to "Dirty" Kearns (or so the 'natives' call it). I gave up the slick silver car for my rugged, black and now very muddy bike. I left Elder Gomez to keep leading Sandy district 3, and came to join two Elders in the Jordan 8th ward in the Jordan Stake. I'm in another three-some! 

The senior companion is Elder Allen, from Kentucky, who came out the same day as me, June 6th. 

The junior companion is Elder Lish, from Idaho, who is a visa waiter to go to Spain. He's been waiting for 4 months now, and he started his mission on August 1st.

The junior junior companion is me, Elder Toborg, from Washington, who loves riding bikes in the mud and walking endless sidewalks to get to various places.

They call it "dirty" Kearns, because no one has a car but the leaders, and it's one of the more dangerous parts of the mission, and there are dirt trails everywhere so we collect a fair amount of wet soil on the bottom of our pants from biking. So far I’ve only been able to bike for two of the five days, because we quickly ran out of patches for flat tires. I still haven't gotten any flats myself, but sadly we can't roll three on one bike. I'm sure we could fix some sort of carriage deal and I could drag my two companions around, but I guess walking is the better alternative. I suspect that they also call it "dirty" Kearns, because somehow the disobedient missionaries always seem to come from Kearns, or have some connection to it. I haven't seen it in my companionship, but I won't let that happen to us.

I can semi relate to Peter Maughan now, who is over in Veracruz Mexico, because now I walk around in the dirt/mud and almost everyone we talk to speaks Spanish (there's a lot more Spanish here because it's much more humble surroundings). 

My new landlady is Sister Burbank. She's 90 years old. She still has quite a character. She feeds us almost every day, twice a day, and I don't think I’ll need to buy groceries for a while or I’ll get fat. We have to come home every day and go into her room and report to her how our day went. She always makes sure to tell us to bundle up, change our laundry, and pretty much everything a mother would do. 

We've been seeing some good success already, though I’m still learning the area. We currently have about 6 investigators, and some families who we're trying to start teaching, but it's difficult to get from appointment to appointment on foot in a biking area. We really need to get those bikes fixed! We took a family down to temple square, the Flores family, and we were able to see the Christmas lights after the tour was over. The family was going to be baptized this Saturday, but they told us they need more time, so we're looking at Saturday the 29th now as their baptism. 

I'd put Elder Allen's and Elder Lish's Spanish at "adequate," but they teach with the Spirit, and that's all we need to have with us to touch the hearts of the people. It's fun to be the "Spanish teacher" now and be the one they ask for questions. I didn't realize how much culture and language I was learning while with a native for 18 weeks, but I guess it rubbed off on me! 

I'm still adjusting to the new home and new surroundings, but I'm so happy to be where I am right now! Somehow, the physical tiredness I feel every night makes me feel like I accomplished some great task, even if we only taught one or two lessons that day. 

The mission had a "mission dinner" on Friday, where we got to take a picture as an entire mission, and then eat dinner together. We were told we're going to hear from an Apostle from the Quorum of the Twelve on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It will certainly be a great experience!

I'm so sorry to hear about the tragedy in Connecticut, it truly proves that the prophets warnings about a deteriorating world. My Mom has always said I’ll need to home school my children. Looks like it's moving that way. Stay close to the gospel, for God has a plan for all of us, and there is hope after this life. 

I hope you're all having a great Christmas season! It's been snowing here in Utah, nothing that sticks on the roads but just enough to joust me in the face and cause discomfort. Remember to have the spirit of Giving, for there are only givers and takers. Don't be a taker! Follow Christ's example and give to the world. 

I love you all and I love this work! Merry Christmas!

-Elder Toborg-

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec 10, 2012
Happy CHRISTmas everyone!

One does not have to go far from home to find authentic Hispanic food to make one sick. This week my companion and I had the privilege of occupying both of the restrooms in our church building after a classic meal of meat and grease dipped tortillas covered in what looked like home made cheese straight from the goat. Though I do not feel like i was conquered by the food *cough* Peter *cough* the always present rule in physics of cause and effect was not over ridden by my lack of fear in diving in to such a meal. Thankfully, it was a 30 minute meal and a 30 minute after effect, so all is well right now! I can't complain, I have hot water.

We've had some snow flurries here in Sandy, not much to impede our missionary work at all, but enough to frighten my companion while he drives in his first snowy winter. It got down to 19 degrees last night, but thankfully we have a car with a heater

Transfers are this Wednesday, and the chances are very high and Elder Gomez and I will be receiving new companions. We've enjoyed the time we've had together, and I'm sure I'll be just as pleased with the new companion i will be acquainted with on Wednesday.

As far as our area and the missionary work, we found many miracle families last week, however all of them were not able to meet with us all week, and that severely hampers their spiritual progress. We had five people scheduled to be baptized on the 23rd, and now they're all going to have to be pushed back to the 30th, if we can ever meet with them. We're still working hard, and we know their are people in our area ready to hear the gospel.

I learned some interesting things this week from talks by Spencer W. Kimball, in regards to "Not marrying early and not having many kids is a sin." He states that it was the first commandment given to Adam and Eve to "Multiple and replenish the Earth" and that by not bringing in more children into a gospel setting if one can afford it is denying God's plan. I've always been set on NOT being a missionary who gets married a year after he gets back, and then has 12 kids. I don't know if I'm convinced of changing from my previous thoughts of "after college, around 25 marriage, 3 kids max," but coming from a prophet it certainly has some credibility behind it to think about. I think the winning clause is "if one can afford it" so all i have to do is only be able to afford 3 children.

I've been getting more concerned about the status of the up coming generation of youth. Now more than ever, it is so vital for parents to invest time to be with their children so that they can learn proper values, especially the values of the gospel which protect family life through Jesus Christ. Elder Gomez and I have been working closely with a family who is very disorganized. This week we gave them some rules to post all over their house. These rules were simply, including "no punching" and "go to school" with the punishments being things such as "no TV for a week" or "cleaning the house." We received the report that the children had then proceeded to destroy and dismantle everything in the house in their anger and rage at following these rules. We get to go this week and clean her house now, but slowly these children will learn! Stay close to the gospel, teach your children starting right as they are born through good habits between parents. If there's one thing i've seen, children will not doing anything you aren't doing yourself.

I'm amazed that i was able to overcome some of my youthful challenges, but it was only possible through my great parents who kept me close to the savior. If you do not have a testimony of Joseph Smith, the restoration, or do not know what the gospel of Christ is (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End), I encourage you to study these topics and pray to God to know if these things are from Him. I promise they are and you will receive an answer from the Holy Ghost through feelings of peace, love and joy.

Focus on giving this Christmas season. As you give, your friendships will strengthen, and those last much longer than gifts given in boxes and with bows. I cannot give you much now, but i give you all my testimony that i know this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that only by Baptism in His church can we enter into Heaven with our families after this life.

I love you all and hope your Christmas seasons are as filled with Christ and joy as mine have been so far!

-Elder Toborg-

Dec 3, 2012
Six Months of Bliss
Hello Friends and Family!

This week I'll reach my 6th month mark in the mission (June 6th-December 6th), and I'll be doing the ceremonial rights of burning one tie. I've got plenty of stained ties so the selection is going to be hard. It reminds me of some of my studies in the Old Testament, and how they have to sacrifice burnt offerings on alters. The Spanish is coming along, but I'm not as good as I'd like to be for being 6 months out. I'll just keep studying and working hard to improve. I still can't understand anyone from Puerto Rico, but that's because they don't seem to be speaking Spanish ;)

The Christmas lights are up at Temple Square, but because of the lights the sisters at temple square cannot do tours after 5pm (when the lights turn on) so we won't be able to go down there to take investigators. I hope somehow we'll be able to see the lights, but as of now it doesn't seem like we'll get the chance.

This week was a pretty hard week; as a zone we've begun to show our 100% love to the Lord by never stopping. Always running to houses, driving as safely fast as we can, taking no extra time to do anything, fast showers, fast meals, everything we can to show our love to the Lord. Frankly, I'm dead tired, but I know the Lord will give me the strength I need to do this for another year and a half! We've seen the effort from our labors, last night we committed three people to be baptized on the 23rd of December. Two are not married, so it looks like we'll have another wedding to do!

I hope you all had the opportunity to view the Christmas devotional yesterday night, if not it's on I sincerely enjoyed their comments and the stories in which they presented their ideas. President Monson's overall message was to focus on the Love of Christ by giving, without any thought of receiving. If you're having trouble with this, go on a mission, your perspectives shall change ;)

Sounds like a lot is changing in the world around me. In Walmart when we shop for our groceries we're able to see the "new" games and films coming out. Oddly enough, to me they all look the exact same, just some things have been changed from a "3" to a "4" or adding a "2" to the same title. I hope you all are able to focus on the things that never change: God and his Son's Gospel. Since the beginning of time with Adam, The Gospel of Jesus Christ has helped families together in happiness. Follow Christ, and you'll be happy. I promise that and the scriptures promise that. Will it take effort? Yes. Only through Satan's plan can people do nothing and get something, though that something won't last for long. Christ offers never ending happiness.

It's so nice to hear about the things happening with some of my friends, congratulations to all who are going on missions and to those few getting married! I hope you always stay in the gospel in everything you do.

It's so great to see the Sherman family! They all look so healthy and happy! And what is this whole "my sister is growing up when I'm not there" thing. She's getting so mature in speech (from her letters) and stature!

Peter has said he has no more math abilities; but I don't believe him. He could look at a text book for 20 minutes and have all his old skills back! As for me, I tried thinking of anything I learned in Physics or Calculus one time, but I’m sorry to say I can't remember anything. I hope I’ll be able to jump back in, but I don't have to worry about that for another year and a half!

Thank you all for your prayers and support, I love you all and wish you the very best seasons of Christmas this time around!
Don't forget to visit to find out more about the Savior and his birth! (Also free Christmas music and other things!) and to do genealogy and find those people waiting to receive their ordinances!

- Elder Toborg -

P.S. anyone have any pictures of Mike Rennie or David Skyler Noah Hamblin? I don't know anything about how they're doing! and someone tell Christine Sanelli to send me her address so I can reply to her emails!

Nov 26, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!
Felices Fiestas! (Happy Holidays!)

This week, Thanksgiving, was an interesting experience for a missionary. We had 4 Thanksgiving dinners. Thankfully we made a plan to eat small samples at each meal, which made us turn out to only gain 1lb each that next morning. The Hispanic saints are very kind, and since they all live here they all celebrate Thanksgiving, but this was Elder Gomez's first Thanksgiving ever because they do not celebrate it down in Mexico. He was so scared for gaining 10 pounds in Thanksgiving Day, but we didn't eat that much so he's happy.

On Tuesday, we got to go down to temple square with Jose and Arcelia, Jose being the ex-gang member. They felt the spirit so strong, especially at the Christus (the statue of Christ on the second floor). It was a perfect time to invite him to be baptized on the 15th of December. He said he cannot change that soon, but he said he wants to be Baptized. So far our main challenge is getting them to attend church. She needs to change her work schedule to attend church, but they know the importance of attending church, it might have to wait till after the holidays, her work is pretty firm.

On Thursday we had a zone conference, which was a 6 hour meeting were we received instruction on how to be better missionaries (chastisement). The meeting was very inspirational and we learned about the oath and covenant of the priesthood as explained in D&C 84:33~46. I received a lot of personal revelation in regards to the subject, and I recommend studying this more deeply if you have not!

Saturday evening we had the opportunity to host a family home evening at a less active member’s house. The mom ended up cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner with turkey, potatoes and all the works. So make that 5 thanksgiving dinners! The spirit was so strong, and I know everyone there felt that the gospel was something that will bless their lives. We've been trying to get this family of 5 to start coming back to church. They didn't end up coming the next day, but we'll keep working with them.

Patience; the ability to endure all obstacles and challenges without becoming frustrated or angered. This is something my companion and I are beginning to see the necessity of due to investigators and people who just ignore us or don't do things when they know they are right. From the example of Alma in the Book of Mormon, sadness is the only emotion you should feel when people break the commandments or don't follow what they know is right. All i can do is love these people and continue to support them.

I've just begun to start reading the Old Testament, and wow there is a lot of stuff in there. One of my favorite scriptures I’ve found so far is Exodus 23:2 which says: "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil..." which lead me back to the common saying "If your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you?" I'm so using this scripture to keep my kids from peer pressure! As well as teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the thanksgiving package! I ate all the food fast, but saved six candy corns for Elder Gomez and me to do the tradition. To explain to others, we each take three candy corns, and say one thing for each candy corn of things that we are grateful for. I find it interesting how the subjects I said didn't change, but the order in which i thought of them changed. Normally I give thanks for: Family, Friends, Gospel. Here on the mission the first thing was: Gospel, Family, Friends(companions).

I love you all and hope you all had the best thanksgiving ever! If not, there's always Christmas coming up! Speaking of Christmas, the Church of Jesus Christ is starting a massive Christmas campaign at You can download free Mormon tabernacle choir music, and get free digital post cards, as well as view videos in regards to Christmas. Tell all your friends about it! They can also get a free bible delivered by two men in suits who will teach them about the Christmas story in Luke 2!

I know this work is the work of Jesus Christ, and he leads this church. Celebrate him in this time of CHRISTmas, and remember to give and not get this season!

Felices Fiestas!

-Elder Toborg-


Nov 19 , 2012

Hello Friends and Family!

This week the Snow all melted in one day from rain, and the temperature has been going up slowly every day, so no stories about more snow adventures.

This week my companion and I focused a lot more on the central theme of our purpose, our purpose being "To Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the End." - Preach My Gospel pg 1. Central to those 5 things is BAPTISM. As we changed all of our teaching to be focused on the saving ordnance of baptism, we've seen more rejection but at the same time more success with our current investigators. We have two on date for the 25th of November, however the father did not show up to church so it looks like we'll have to push their marriage and baptism off for at least another week.

We have a married couple named Jose and Arcelia who we've been teaching for a while. Jose, a 6'3, 300lb ex-gang member, has a very, very colorful past, and he believes he cannot be forgiven for what he has done. Thankfully we found him and we have brought him the way he can be forgiven, through Jesus Christ. We will be taking the pair of them down to Temple Square tomorrow to have a lesson from the sisters down there. They've been praying every night, but Jose thinks that the only sign that the church is true is if he obtains a Job, which is what he has been praying for. We clarified that he needs to be praying to know if the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God, which means that Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ's priesthood authority to perform baptism unto the remission of sins. Once they know the Book of Mormon is true, Jose can become clean from his past. We're so excited for them!

Wow Christy Corbitt got her call to Brazil!? That's amazing! Looks like she's going to have to learn a different language! Elder Gomez says that Portuguese sounds like drunken Spanish.

I was so happy to see the pictures Peter sent from Veracruz, he looks like he's having a blast with his already yellow shirts :) All the families he took pictures of, and the parties, look the exact same as the people and parties I see every day here in Utah. It's really all about the culture that the people bring with them everywhere they go I guess!

Thanksgiving is coming up this week; better known as "dinner from 2pm - 9pm" here in the mission field. I'll be ready to do a 40 day fast after Thanksgiving Day. As the Christmas season approaches, make sure to focus on the season of Christ, and how he displayed perfect charity by giving. Never once did Christ do something for himself, he always turned outward. Try to do that this Christmas season, turn outward, don't worry gifts will come, so one might as well put your effort into helping others rather than thinking of oneself!

I've started to read the Bible. Somehow I got caught up in the stories in Genesis that I was lead to from the footnotes in the Book of Mormon, and next thing I know I'm on Genesis 25! The Bible truly is the word of God, and confirms all the things we learn here in Jesus Christ's church.

2 Peter 1:5-7; After the covenants of Baptism and Receiving the Holy Ghost, we should:
5 And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;6 And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;7 And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

It begins with our covenants, our diligence, our faith, our virtue, our knowledge, and then we starting giving to others by temperance (or self-control), patience with others, Godliness (or reverence), Brotherly Kindness, and Charity (pure love of Christ to be given to others).

I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior. We must do the essential things such as faith, repentance, baptism or renewing of baptism through the sacrament, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then enduring till the end. Always repent as soon as possible. Love God, not man.

Love to all!

-Elder Toborg-

Elder Gomez is from Mexico City. This is first snow ever.

Nov 12, 2012
Merrrrry Thanksgivingmas!

Stores are stocking Christmas, houses are decorated for thanksgiving, and the snow on top of everything outside makes it seem like winter!

This week we had quite a nice snow storm. Beginning on Friday, we were told to go home early (especially us because we live up on a hill close to the mountains) due to the rapid fall of snow. The next day, we wake up to an order from our zone leaders "No driving today!" So we put on our boots and start the 1.5 mile walk just to get down to our nearest stake center (we use around 55 miles every day on our car, so walking in our area... fun). It was a great opportunity to help people shovel their driveways on the way. We had a portable CD player and speakers so we were a walking music box of Hymns. I felt so blessed to help so many people who physically could not remove the snow from their driveway, and then keep walking on the help the next person.

Before the snow hit, we found two more investigators and had a lot of nice lessons; but sadly not any really committed people. None came to church, which is unfortunate because it was stake conference. We got to attend to the Priesthood leadership meeting at 4pm on Saturday, the 7pm adult session afterward, and then the following day the 10am Stake conference with everyone. Every time we came, the stake presidency had us sit up where the sacrament is blessed so that all the stake could see that their missionaries were there supporting them.

Being a missionary has its fun times and its surprises, such as the second counselor in the mission presidency showing up and saying: "Elder Toborg, I have been asked to give a 10 minute talk and I would like you to take 2 minutes to teach about gospel dispensations." No fear came over me, because it's an English stake :) Both Elder Gomez and I spoke, as well as the two English missionaries covering that stake. It was a beautiful meeting, and I think it's the first time I’ve soaked in every word that was said at a stake conference! Try to make every meeting a "revelatory experience" not just a "meeting." Come with a question or two that you want answered, personal or gospel related, and if you pay attention, your question will be answered. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways!

I know things are happening on the political scale that may be frightening or unsettling, just remember if you keep living righteously and teach others by example. If our families stay safe and security while society crumbles around us they will see our example and be drawn toward us.

It's so fun to hear about Peter's adventures in Mexico. I also get to compare his words to what my native Mexican companion is telling me, so far Mexico sounds like a great place to not go on vacation, but I hope someday I’ll get to go party in Veracruz on a vacation!

Wow Christy has her mission papers in. Sounds like she'll be returning home right about when i do if she leaves in the next 1-2 months. I support Josh's decision, it would be very hard for me to realize that my freshmen year of BYU would be taken away right after applying to BYU and making it in. He'll have a blast. Tell him to go to church every single week; that will help him the most at school down in BYU.

Study the scriptures, Attend Church, and pray every single day. This is how you will make it through any storm.

I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it changes our lives. We can learn about his perfect plan for us through the scriptures and then we can pray to ask him if this plan really is true. I testify that it is true and that we will be united with our loved ones after this life, IF we follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. I love the Lord and I love this work

- Elder Toborg -
Mom was online when Daniel's letter came in and they had a mini conversation post election day:
Daniel: Yeah! It's pretty cold here. I'll explain more in my weekly letter. I'm quite irritated at the outcome of the Washington laws regarding Sodom and Gomorra.... :( I kind of knew that Romney wouldn't win the overall, though i had my hopes.
Mom: Oh, I thought he would win, but we’re very discouraged and counting the days to the Second Coming. Dad says we should move to Utah. I say we should move back to Texas. They all have guns.
Marijuana passed; Christie asked if kids could now bring it to school??????
Every elected person here is Democrat – amazingly won by just a slight margin.
I just try to remember that nearly half of us didn’t want any of this. We must be more righteous.
Daniel: I hope people cannot bring it to school, and as for moving, Utah is a very nice place! and then i can save money by staying at my parents house :)? Haha

I'm sorry it was so discouraging, I'm 99.99% sheltered from all politics and so anything that happens doesn't "exactly" effect me at this moment.

I've been studying the 2nd coming a lot, and today the man who rung up our groceries asked "do you think the world will really end this December 2012!?" Haha, now it sounds like it needs to happen.

Just remember; you can teach the best by example :)

 Nov 5, 2012

Hello Everyone!

First I'd like to inform everyone that I did not get transferred, nor did my companion Elder Gomez! So we're still rocking Sandy together! To show us that it's never an easy ride though even when we don't get transferred, the Lord has seen it fit to not only hit our area with a very dry run of people to teach, but our entire district as well, which has put pressure on Elder Gomez as the leader of the district to increase performance. It's not about numbers, it's all about helping people; though the more you help people, the higher your numbers will be.

I just finished reading Peter's adventures in Mexico. At least in his letters he sounds very optimistic. though now I feel like a king living in Utah while he didn't have hot water for a week. Peter was the perfect person to be there, it sounds like he's going to use his charm to weasel himself a seat as assistant to the President so he can "do paper work in the summer" haha.

We started this transfer off with a mission conference, or gathering of the whole mission, at the Jordan River Temple, where we had dinner together on Halloween night and did temple work... for the dead on Halloween! Perfect! It was a very great experience; and then to top it all off, we had emeritus seventy Richard G. Hinckley speak to us, the son of former President Gordon B. Hinckley. He knows so much about missionary work, seeing as he was in charge of all missionary affairs for the church for about 3 years. We headed home around 10:15pm and we saw exactly 1 person on the streets, in front of their houses, or anywhere for the 45 minute drive. The only person we saw was a father in his garage putting away Halloween decorations. Did Halloween get canceled or something? Silly Obama canceling everything good in life... Jokes. With the beginning of our third transfer together, Elder Gomez and I set some goals and rules we want to stick to for this last transfer together. Most have to do with health; so far we've both lost 1-2 pounds in the last 5 days! So we're going good.

Yesterday I was able to officially welcome Alejandro into the ward by giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost to help guide him and help him endure to the end in the teachings of Jesus Christ. This time I decided to memorize the prayer instead of reading it; this really allowed the Spirit to flow more easily and to the best of my Spanish abilities it seemed to go well!

Yes I received the package for Halloween, but sadly since Elder Gomez and I have banned chocolate from the house, we had to give the chocolate away to our district, but we're still enjoying the oatmeal raisin cookies! I have not received my ballot for voting; sadly this would be the slowness of the MTC and there isn't much we can do about it. Hopefully I receive it today!

It's great to hear about the family in the family letter, and Halloween in Washington! I love you all so much!

I heard from Dad that the news published some more erroneous claims that the Church of JESUS CHRIST is not CHRISTian. Well I'll let you answer that for yourselves. Just remember, if you want to know more about a topic, go to the source of that topic, not someone's opinion!

Jesus Christ established his doctrine and his church when he was here on the earth, as we read in the Bible. A scripture I found that describes his doctrine in a most profound way is found in the Book of Mormon in the book of Moroni chapter 8 versus 25 and 26. It describes how each part of his doctrine lead to the next part of the doctrine.

In this world of increasing attacks by the adversary to all righteousness, the Devil, it's becoming very difficult to keep one’s mind clear and thoughts clean. May I recommend change your music. On the mission, I've had the unique opportunity to listen strictly to things pertaining to Jesus Christ and his church; and music that promotes these teachings and values. Guess what I hum/think/sing all day? The teachings of Christ! Now I'm not saying you need to listen to strictly religious music, but try to pick music, that if you read the lyrics, you would follow the advice of the song and become a better person. If you really don't think you can do that, try listening to music that has no words at all, it really can bring joy or excitement into your life.

I love Jesus Christ, and the person he is helping me become by following his example. I testify that Jesus Christ is the head of and leads this church, and that only through following Jesus Christ by baptism and enduring to the end in Him we can live forever in happiness with our families in Heaven.

- Elder Toborg -

P.S. Christine it was great to hear from you, but I cannot reply to emails and you didn't give me your address so I can't write back!