Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct. 1, 2012

Hello Friends and Family,

Today, P-day the first day in the month of October in the year 2012 of our Lord, has already been fantastic (fantastic being used by Hugh B. Brown to describe something absurd or abnormal). Two of our investigators, Angel and Yesenia, are due to be married, and baptized on the 3rd of this month, or this Wednesday, however, Satan does not want this. Friday, they were supposed to get their marriage license, which is the only thing they need to bring to their wedding to make it legal; they started arguing at 4pm and didn't want get married, we came and resolved their concerns, the building closed at 5, they didn't make it. Saturday, Angel fell and tore the tendons in his wrist, preventing him from working, which brought up his doubt about tithing and how he could pay, then they had a contention with each other and didn't want to get married, we stopped by, read scriptures with them, and resolved all their doubts and concerns, but the wedding license building was already closed. Sunday, they attended church, and had a great time, we had a lesson with them at night, gave them priesthood blessings, and said goodbye, anticipating their wedding license to be obtained by 9am on Monday (today). We wake up, and get a call saying; they fought again, they don't want to get married. Emergency lesson at 9am on Pday (today). We used the word of the Lord to bring the spirit into the room, and then we conducted whats known as a "companionship inventory" with them. Comp inventory, for short, is what we do as missionaries every week to resolve contention within our companionship. It involves focusing on the strengths of the relationship and telling those to each other. Right now, they are in the licensing building getting their wedding license. Satan is working hard to prevent these two from entering the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. In the strength of the Lord, however, Elder Gomez and I can overcome anything Satan throws at us, for in the strength of the Lord, we can do all things.

My whole week has almost entirely been focused on these two, and how close they've come to accepting the Savior in their lives. They've been investigators for over a year, and the time has finally come for them to take the first step on the path of righteousness; Baptism.

When I haven't been worrying about, teaching, or preparing for Angel and Yesenia, I've been on splits with English elders. Elder Gomez, being district leader, gets the opportunity to teach others in our district how to be a better missionary. This means he switches with an English elder, goes into their zone, and helps the other elder. This leaves me with two options: Fly or sink; leaving me in my Spanish zone for 24 hours with someone with a vocabulary bank of 4 words: "tu madre es bonita" (your mother is pretty). Thankfully I have a third companion, the Holy Ghost. I was able to receive the strength and knowledge I needed from the Lord, and successfully complete my two exchanges that we did this week, with no problems. (Well no problems that I could understand in Spanish ;). They were two of the best days of my mission even. The first exchange was with my zone leader, Elder Thomas. I had already been on an exchange with him, but this was when I also had Elder Gonzalez with me to speak the fluent Spanish. This time it was just me and him. He would prompt me to do things in English, then i'd go ahead and do them in Spanish. It was surprisingly easy with the help of the Gift of Tongues. I've never been able to understand Spanish better than these times when I knew I had to understand, for if I did not we could not help them come unto Christ.

The second exchange was with Elder Foster, who came out into the mission the same day as me. I see him every day at zone exercise, and he's just a bundle of fun. He may not be the most mature person in the world, but he sure knows how to be a missionary. He was very focused and dedicated, while letting the day be extremely fun. With him, we had more lessons with a member present than I had all last week!

I think my biggest temptations here on the mission now are: Cars. There are so many different cars, in so many different styles, and I find myself coveting them when we drive from appointment to appointment, or thinking about what kind of car I want after the mission. Thankfully, the Lord provides was to avoid all temptation: "Oh yeah! I'm broke!" With the absence of ability to purchase a car, comes the ability to change my coveting to "nice car, hope you're not in debt!" I think I might get a motorcycle after the mission to save money.

Anyway, the missionary work has been going well, I'm happy and healthy, and I couldn't ask for anything more, besides winning the monopoly $1,000,000 at McDonald's, but then I wouldn't be healthy anymore because I’d have eaten so much McDonald's, and so then I’d be happy and unhealthy.. hmm. Trade offs.

I seem to be rambling in my elation now, because we just received a call that Angel and Yesenia now have their marriage license. All that hard work has paid off! Now we just have to keep them in good spirits and away from Satan's efforts until Wednesday.

I love you all and I hope you hear from you, whoever is reading this, (Elder Toborg, SLC South Mission, 8060 S 615 E, Sandy, UT 84070). God be with you till... you read my email again!

~Elder Toborg~

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